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8 Jan 2018

Create a complete band with just a guitar player - with OMB

instruments/stringinstruments Create a complete band with just a guitar player - with OMB

OMB is a new and revolutionary technology, that uses unique hardware and software, to enable guitar players of all styles and levels to skyrocket their playing experience and generate great-sounding auto accompaniments in real time while playing.

OMB's patented technology detects the signals from the strings and converts them to digital data without any latency. The signals are detected when holding any note, without even strumming the strings. An App on a smartphone or tablet picks up the signals enabling you to choose features like: auto accompaniment, solo playing, record and more.

OMB can be used at home for practising, live shows and everything in-between. Beginners and professional guitarists can add the device to any existing acoustic or electric guitar or order a custom OMB guitar that has OMB technology pre-installed (”OMB inside”).

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