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7 May 2020

Do you want to purchase a Saz? Pay attention to these subjects (baglama)

instruments/stringinstruments Do you want to purchase a Saz? Pay attention to these subjects (baglama)

As a starting musician, you might not know which type of Saz fits your needs. Questions like, do I want a short neck or a large neck and where do I need to pay attention to in the store, might pop up. Inside Audio is going to help you with both questions, and more!

What kind of instrument is a Saz?

A Saz, also called a baglama, is a popular string instrument in Turkey which can be used to play both western and eastern music. The Saz has a long thin neck and a small convex-shaped (pear shaped) body. The soundhole is located on the bottom of the instrument. A Saz can be played with both a plectrum and fingerstyle.

Purchasing a Saz

If this is your first time purchasing a Saz, then it is advised to go to a seller and hold/experience the instrument physically instead of making an online purchase. In this way, you can choose the Saz that feels and sound in a way that fits your needs. There are many different sizes when it comes to a Saz, but the short and long neck Saz is the most commonly used.

Make sure that you pay attention to the physical state of the body and the neck. Inspect the instrument for cracks and make sure the tuners are working like they should.

The different tones of a Saz

A Saz mainly uses 6 to 8 metal strings. The strings go over 10 to 19 (adjustable) frets, depending on the length of the neck. The strings are divided into 3 categories: The treble-, the middle and bass. Each layer uses 2 strings except for the treble. The treble uses 3 strings. The tuning is different from culture to culture. A few tunings are: GDA (Gg, Dd, Aaa), ADA (Aa, Dd, Aaa), and AGE (Aa, Gg, Eee). Alongside that, you can move the frets to adjust the intonation which can be helpful to sync the tone with your singing voice.

On a final note

The Saz is a unique and very interesting instrument for both beginners and experienced musicians. With all its different tunings you can play many different tones. Which is both fun and educational. You can purchase a Saz at multiple Dutch music stores and webshops.

A Saz for less than €80,-

Saz kopen 150B-MK Cura

Prijs: €79,-

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