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3 Aug 2017

EDM/House Contacts

djs/nieuws EDM/House Contacts

The "EDM/House Contacts" Booklet Turns Your Music Production Into A Professional Career.

We started from the ground level, attending conferences and music events like ADE, BMC, IMS Ibiza, EDMbiz, DanceFair, Sonar amongst others. We have condensed years of industry networking work into an "easy to navigate" downloadable Excel format filled with contact information from hundreds of A-Level connections.

Our goal in The Audio Bar is to share this information with the rest of the electronic music enthusiasts around the globe, giving you the definite and ultimate all-in-one booklet to begin a professional career. We have created an outstanding database with emails and contacts of the top world’s DJs, Record Labels, Managers, Agents, Youtube Channels, PR Companies, Vocalists, Graphic Designers, Blogs, Songwriters and Publishing companies.

Now it’s easier than ever to reach those industry giants and deliver them your message. Whether it’s your new track pitched to a top label for release, new fresh artworks for a top label, an existing promo which you’d like to deliver to AAA-DJs for playing out on festivals or podcasts, or Promoters with millions of fans reach.

Our Contact Directory contains more than 1000 of essential contact information that can help you build career propelling relationships. We want you to find success with the exact same formula the professionals use throughout the day.

Download Booklet Here

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