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4 Dec 2020

FREE Fresh Air Plugin From Slate Digital

producer FREE Fresh Air Plugin From Slate Digital

Despite the shambles that 2020 has dealt us, we can’t complain with some of the terrific Black Friday offers and free software from companies like Slate Digital, and many more. Fresh Air is a completely free plugin and it doesn’t disappoint.



To kick things off, Fresh Air is an incredibly simple plugin, meaning we don’t need to roll out pages of information and tech specs. Its GUI is nice and simple to understand with just 5 controls; power, mid-air, link, high-air and trim (gain compensation). Fresh Air promises to give you “The smoothest high end you’ve ever heard without even a hint of harshness”. If you don’t believe them, download it for FREE and put it to use on your own tracks to be absolutely gob smacked at this incredible plugin.

Based on a classic, Dolby-A noise reduction modified exciter, Fresh Air adds brilliance and excitement to your top end without a hint of brittleness. Slate Digital have combined several advanced parallel processing techniques to elevate individual tracks or an entire mix - and it’s all presented in a simple user interface.

The result is modern, transparent high-end processing with a vintage shine. Exactly what you hear on modern pop vocals for that top end sheen without any consequent harshness.


Audio Examples

Below are two audio examples created using free Slate Digital sample packs and Fresh air on the vocal chain. Listen to the before and after examples with and without fresh air, the results speak volumes.

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