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4 Sep 2018

Have 1000 plugins on your computer

producer/techniques Have 1000 plugins on your computer

A producer is often completely away from equipment and plugins. The more plugins you have available, the better, because then you also have the most choice. Yet? Wrong! A beginning producer has at first little to a whole range of plugins. It is more important to first know and experience how different types of plugins work. Often you can at the beginning with the plugins that are included with your music software (DAW: Digital Audio Workstation) come a long way. If you first learn the basic functions with these plugins, you will discover in the course of time what extra functions you miss and you can start looking for a better plugin. Most professional producers often use the same plugins when producing different tracks. The reason for this is that they know these plugins from inside and outside and can quickly achieve the desired result. Here, workflow is extremely important. In addition, having unnecessarily many plugins can affect your computers stability and overall performance and you do not want that!

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