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12 Mar 2019

Headphone review: Ultrasone Pro 1480 i

producer/hardware Headphone review: Ultrasone Pro 1480 i

Buying studio headphones? There are lots of choices from different brands! Today we are looking at the German brand Ultrasone. The company has been around since 1990 and has been producing headphones for many years. Since 1999 they have been producing headphones that ensure and focus on not suffer any hearing damage. They do this by lowering the magnetic radiation. We were curious how the 1480 i headphones sound, because it's an open headphone, know more about that? Then read this article.

First impression

The box that the headphones are in, looks high-end and has some nice details to it. But of course, it's about the headphone and not the box!

Build quality

The Pro 1480 i is an open headphone and feels sturdy. If you have to bring the headphones with you, you can fold them very easily and a bag is included. The headphones are made of light material which ensures that the wearing comfort is very good. The included cable works with a screw function, so you can not simply pull the cable out. You also always have the option to use another cable if you want. The ear cushions are also easy to replace when they start to wear out. We would love to see an extra cable included that is a bit longer than the one included.

Sound quality

We were pleasantly surprised by the sound. It was of high quality and clear. This is also due to the open design of the headphones. The headset is definitely recommended for the all-around use of producing and mixing music. It has a frequency response of 20 Hz - 20 kHz, that's all you need. This headphone is also suitable for musicians because you still can hear the environment, because of the open design. the drivers are placed decentralized at the bottom of the ear, giving you the feeling that you are in a different room. This also means that less pressure is needed for the subjective sound experience.


Do we recommend these headphones? Yes! There are many other brands on the market that may make the choice difficult, but the Ultrasone 1840 i is a very good and high-quality headphone. In comparison with an Audio Technica this headphone sits much more pleasant on your head. It is a pity that there is not an extra long cable is included, but the stock cable still good for now. From the box to the quality of the sound, it is all very good! Well done Ultrasone!


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