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8 Feb 2019

How booking agency software structures the music industry

other/news How booking agency software structures the music industry

The life of managers, booking agencies, and tour managers; revolve around a single artist. Swedish House Mafia's tour manager Amy Thomson and Ash Pournouri for Avicii focused on their respective artists' livelihood more than their own. 

When a team is involved with different disciplines around an artist, communication, and collaboration is key to success. Not only within the music industry this is the case, but in general with collaborative teams. Teams that lack in communication in terms of transparency, effort, and established channels; are high likely unsuccessful in working together. Roles must be clear as with responsibilities, and these will evolve as an artist evolves. 

Michael Jackson still had a music director for his own show, the king of pop music was obsessive in collaborating with tour managers, dancers, musicians; communication is vital at all levels. 

In the digital age with all the available software for every kind of needs, software for the music industry is also developed rapidly by different start-ups. ABOSS world’s leading start-up is developing booking agency software is fighting for a better structure around the artists, to improve their career.

Career first

It’s important to think ‘career first’ when working with artists and their team. It quickly can go the other way around, people that are working on mundane administrative or other distracting tasks are time-consuming and now, unnecessary. 

That valuable time could be invested to make a change for an artist like working on the personal brand of the artist, performing marketing campaigns, and or negotiating contracts with potential shows. Some routine tasks can take up so much time since it’s done the old way; phone call and slow back and forth email.

However, when you are trying to make significant steps forward, finally removing old structures and embrace innovation – when implemented correctly; it can enhance your workflow significantly.

Information Overload

Managing an artist and their career comes with an overwhelming amount of information: tour dates, contracts, train times, artists' personal needs, and studio availability, must all be orchestrated by management to enable the artist to focus on their work.

Imagine planning a summer tour with 30 shows for Adele, or Ed Sheeran; how do we remember that information?  


Were restricted to email or excel spreadsheets to track these details. 

But we all know these things become unorganized, someone doesn't give you access to a Google sheet, or you can't find the right hotel address in your email because you've only booked Holiday Inns at every city; these things do happen and can lead to chaos and massive losses financially and for one's personal brand.

Ever hear of an artist "VISA is denied to a country," or "missed their flight but I'm rescheduling another show"; those are artist management issues, not the artist. 

Thus, to avoid these situations, there must be a centralized location for information storage and accessibility for all.

With booking agency software, this useful tool becomes everyone's workplace; with customizability to the specific roles in the team. This allows everyone to have their responsibilities clearly depicted with the ability to collaborate with others on projects. 

Structured flow for the team

Today's software goes into extreme depth; there is constant updates and the product are seamless and used around the world. Products such as SalesForce and Slack are all in depth software that organizes sales and communication between teams; you may have heard of them.

ABOSS is joining the ranks of these globally utilized software in the music industry; the Amsterdam based start-up that is building the extended communication flows into their software is becoming evermore adopted by managers and music agents needing organization in their hectic roles.   

ABOSS also has advancing functions, wherein agents can request electronic information from the event promoter. No waiting for the emailed response, or failed mail delivery problems; instant answers. 

Imagine being at a location for a gig and technical needs does not meet the specifications needed, or perhaps you are not being paid out what was agreed upon; look at ABOSS to help you out of these unnecessary situations right on your phone!

Want to have a successful and collaborative artist career across teams? Interested in having all your travel, technological, communication, and contract information stored centrally?

Check out ABOSS and check our article about tour management software and artist management software.

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