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15 Jul 2018

How to build your own DIY studio diffusor!

producer/hardware How to build your own DIY studio diffusor!

If you don’t know what a diffusor is, read this short article. I’ll explain what it does and why you need it in your studio!

So you want to improve your room's acoustics with a diffusor? – Awesome! Acoustics are important! First of all, you’ll need to decide which frequencies you want the diffusor to affect. You can use an online calculator like this one.

Next up you need to decide on a material. I’ll make it easy; choose wood. It’s easy to work with and it has better density and use for diffusion than plastic, foam or whatever. After you’ve calculated your diffusor you end up with a picture somewhat like this. It may depend on your chosen frequency range. 

This tells you the length of the 131 pieces of wood and the placements of them. Further down the calculation page you’ll find how many of each length you’ll need. You’ll also need a wooden back plate for all the pieces to be glued on. Finally, you “just” cut out the pieces and glue them all on the back plate according to the calculated plan. You can sand the pieces for a nice finish (but it takes a long time!) Let it dry for a while and you got yourself a diffusor! Rinse and repeat if you want more! And be safe when hanging them. They are heavy!

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