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14 Jan 2020

How to get your music on Apple Music? We help you out!

other How to get your music on Apple Music? We help you out!

Uploading to streaming services like Apple Music functions almost the same as it does uploading to Spotify. Read this article about how to upload to Spotify. You have to sign up with a music Aggregator, which acts as the intermediary between you as a musician and Spotify.

In the next five steps, we’ll explain how to put your music on the Apple Music, just like we did for Spotify. Check out this article to get started immediately because it’s not that difficult!

  • Step 1: Choose a music distributor (aggregator)
  • Step 2: UPC and ISRC-codes (created by TuneCore)
  • Step 3: Fill in the right data at the TuneCore website
  • Step 4: Monitoring (promote your music)
  • Step 5: Create a Spotify Artist Profile

Publish music on Apple Music!

Are there any extra costs involved?

No, with TuneCore you’ll get the choice to upload to 150 digital music stores spread across 200 nations. You can exclude certain services, but this won’t incur any extra costs.TuneCore costs $9.99 per year per single and $29.99 per year per album.

Apple Music for Artists

Apple Music has created a dashboard just like Spotify where artists can gain insight into their statistics. It looks incredibly well made and clean as we’d expect from Apple. This dashboard contains other functions that might come in handy to you as an artist.

iTunes or Apple Music

Recently in 2019 Apple announced it will be completely removing iTunes. It’s an outdated program that doesn’t function as it should anymore. Apple will be porting the functions over to new applications, mostly to Apple music but also Apple Podcasts and Apple TV. All music will be on Apple Music, so as an artist you wouldn’t have to worry!

Publish music on Apple Music!

Advantages of TuneCore

  • Loads of functions for musicians
  • Maintain the rights over your music
  • Low price for uploading music
  • Expansive statistics
  • A commission-based program of 50% if you invite a friend
  • A vast database of information
  • The good thing about TuneCore is that they don’t take a percentage in sales; you only pay for uploading. All the revenue generated from your music goes directly back to you!

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