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11 Oct 2017

How to optimise your studio acoustic with a 30$ budget

producer How to optimise your studio acoustic with a 30$ budget.

Last week I was thinking about upgrading my studio acoustics. So, I started looking around on the internet. If you are not an expert on this topic, you easily get lost in all the possibilities.

But that doesn’t make it less fun, go on the hunt for your perfect treatment!

If you approach the process simple, you have two options.

  • Do it yourself
  • Hire an expert

When you start with doing It yourself, you should put in some time to research and find the perfect fit. An expert, of course, will costs you more money but the treatment hopefully will be excellent.

I found some cheap and straightforward solutions on Amazon. Different sellers offer different sort of packs with foam and bass traps.

You have pay attention to the following topics when you buy cheap acoustic foam.

  • Size
  • Thickness
  • How many panels and bass traps do you need?
  • Price of course
  • Spray to glue them

I’ve tried to hang them on the wall with decent tape; this worked for 10 minutes. Since there are air bulbs in the foam panels, they will let loose after a couple of minutes with tape. I strongly advise to buy a spray-can with special glue for foam.

Since I wanted to keep below 30$, I just made two simple panels in my room. But you can hear the sound improvement!


See here the result:

The pack acoustic foam that I bought:

Click here for more info.

The most cheap acoustic foam packs:

Click here for more info.

Glue Spray:

Click here for more info.

Doing adjustmets youreself?

Have a look at the set from Sonar Works - worth every euro! Mesure you're own room and make adjustments instantly.

Kijk dan eens naar de set van Sonar Works waarbij je je eigen ruimte kunt meten en direct aanpassingen kan doorvoeren - elke euro waard!

Price: €289,-

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