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28 Feb 2019

How to sidechain with Fruity Peak Controller EASY tutorial

producer/techniques How to sidechain with Fruity Peak Controller EASY

Doesn’t your kick hit as hard anymore as it did before you added an 808? Then the kick and the 808 are most likely fighting for the same frequencies. Kicks and 808’s are both sounds that have very low frequencies and they have to match each other to sound good in a track. Sidechaining will help with that. Sidechaining is simply said where an effect is activated by an audio track. So how will sidechaining fix the problem of your kick and 808 fighting for the same frequencies? What you want to do is that when your kick hits your 808 will become more quiet. This way your kick has more room in the lower frequencies to stand out.

How to use Fruity Peak Controller

First select your kick in the mixer, then click on a FX slot and select “Fruity Peak Controller”. 

After that select your 808 in the mixer and right-click the volume slider and click on “Link to controller”.

Now a window “Remote control settings” will pop up. Go to the second tap “Internal controller” and click on “Peak ctrl - Peak”.

Then go to the third tap “Mapping formula” and click on “Inverted”.

Now click on “Accept” on the bottom right corner.

Go back to your “Fruity Peak Controller” that is on your kick. Now you can play around with the 4 knobs in the “Peak” tab. The “Base” knob is the volume of your 808. The “Volume” knob is how hard the volume of the 808 is going to drop down. The “Tension” know is with how much tension your 808 is going to come back in. You can see the curve it is making in the “Output Meter Graph”. And the last knob “Decay” is how fast the volume of the 808 is going to come back up.

Mess around with the settings until you find something that sounds good to you.

I hope this article helped you!

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