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20 Mar 2019

How to use artist management software and a app to improve a career

other/news How to use artist management software and a app to improve a career

Earlier we already wrote about how booking agencies use booking agency software and tour management companies/professionals use tour management software and mobile apps to streamline their bookings and tour process.

Today we dive deeper in artist management software and the purpose of it. Artist management software is something that can be used to streamline the career of an artist by the artist self or the management. A very important factor is to have clear tasks, as an artist, you should be in control over your own career – and a manager should assist with this.

The old-fashioned way of artist management software

We all know the old way of handling career and thinking that is the only way to organize everything. Often it happens with the following tools:

  • WhatsApp or another messaging program for communications
  • Dropbox or Google Drive to organize creatives
  • Google Calendar to plan
  • Loads of emails

As you can already imagine all those different tools in combination with a team of different disciplines that need to work on those systems, can get overwhelming and result in miscommunication.

Of course, there are ways to make it work but it’s not the most efficient artist management software combination.

Different roles, responsibilities, and tasks

When you are just starting out as a manager or artist your developing a team around you that you work with. As an artist manager, those people are the artists and colleagues that are for example responsible for the financial part.

Anyway, in the end, you must work with multiple people and collaborate as effectively as possible. It helps when people need certain information only have access to certain information.

Artist management software such as ABOSS helps to assign roles to everyone. For example, a tour manager gets access to the schedule and all the event and travel information without seeing the financial part.

Only see what you need and what is important for you!

Next-level software

Artist management software is developed to make sure all the needs are within the same and central system to use. This way you don’t have to use 5 different tools and create miscommunication and hectic career, but focus on what’s important – being creative!

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