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7 Jun 2019

Image-Line introduce new free synth named FLEX

producer/software Image-Line introduce new free synth named FLEX

In the most recent beta version numbered with FL Studio, 20.1.2 Image-Line introduces the beta version of their new very own synthesizer named FLEX. The beta is available for Mac and Windows.

FLEX is going to be a free plugin that comes with the next release of FL Studio. Most producers use third-party plugins such as Nexus, Sylenth1, and Serum. But Image Line is making their own move now with releasing a very warm sounding synth.

FLEX has an advanced synthesis an engine that includes Subtractive, Wavetable, Multisample, FM & AM based synthesis. They also offer preset packs of a special beta price, that can be found here.

It seems that FLEX is going to be a serious competitor to the synth Nexus. It has a very warm sound to it and is preset based. A great visual feature is also the frequency histogram that can be adjusted with different settings such as a logo, waveform, spectrogram, and vectorscope. It reacts from 20Hz up to 20.000 Hz. 

‘FLEX utilizes an ever-expanding online library where you can purchase and download new sounds. FLEX is one of the most versatile and inspiring plugins in the Image-Line Library.’

Want to know more about all the functions? Click here.

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