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19 Mar 2020

Interested in purchasing a ukulele? Here is where you should pay attention to

instruments/stringinstruments Interested in purchasing a ukulele? Here is where you should pay attention to

As a starting musician, you might not know which ukulele fits you best. Do you want to purchase a soprano, a concert or a tenor? So you are interested, but don’t know what you should pay attention to?

We are here to help you make your choice!

The most important facts when purchasing a ukulele

Are you going to play the ukulele for the first time? When you are going to purchase an instrument, it is recommended to physically see, feel and play the instrument. In this way, you can judge for yourself which instrument fits you best or sounds the most beautiful. To start there are multiple types of wood and materials. Usually, the builder chooses between a solid ukulele top or a laminated ukulele top. The difference between these two is the wooden layers. The solid top is made out of one piece of wood while the laminated top is made out of several.

Most of the time this is a cheaper way of production which muffles the vibrations of your ukulele. As a result, the ukulele will sound less warm.

If you buy a cheaper ukulele there is a chance it will not play that great. There might be a slight differentiation between the frets, the sound quality might not be so well, you have to tune the ukulele more often and it might not look so great. A ukulele is a relatively small instrument. Because of the small shape, it is important that the vibrations resonate well with the resonance box for a beautiful and rich sound. There are many different types of wood to produce different kinds of ukuleles and it shows in the cheapest to most expansive price range.

A type of wood that has a high density like mahogany and acacia are great wood types for a ukulele. If you buy a ukulele make sure that you pay attention to the different models.

What kind of ukulele should you buy?

The kind of ukulele you should buy kind of depends on your body size and what you would like to do with the ukulele. For basic chord progressions, it is possible to purchase a soprano, but if your playing style becomes a bit more complex you should look for a ukulele that helps you get a clear pitch in the higher octaves.

There are many kinds of ukuleles, the model mainly depends on the size of the resonance box and the length of the neck.

  • The smallest ukulele is the soprano. This ukulele usually has 12 frets and a length of 50 – 55 cm.
  • The bigger variant of the soprano is the concert ukulele. This ukulele usually has 20 frets and a length of 55 – 60 cm.
  • After the concert comes the tenor. This one also has 20 frets but has a length of 60 – 70 cm.
  • And finally, we have the baritone ukulele. This is the larger variant of the tenor. The baritone usually has 20 frets and a length of 75 – 80 cm.

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