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23 Sep 2019

Interview: Jimmy Clash about his favourite studio gear and more!

other/interviews Interview: Jimmy Clash about his favourite studio gear and more!

This week we had the honour to interview Jimmy Clash he’s working his way up in the dance music scene with releases on Spinnin’, Armada Music and Revealed Recordings. With tracks being played all over the world at festivals, we are wondering how he creates his sound.

In this interview, we will dive deeper into some productional questions and the start of his music career!

Thanks, Jimmy, for taking the time to talk to us!

No problem! One of the things I always really like is to talk about music production; My biggest hobby and passion. I can talk for hours about it.  

How did you get into producing music?

While other DJ's have fancy stories about how they started, for me it all started on a regular Sunday morning when I downloaded a demo version of FL Studio (the music production software I still work with to this day). At that moment I didn't know that it would turn out like this, a professional career with shows all over the world and songs on the biggest record labels.

If you had to choose between producing or DJ’ing – what would it be and why?

In my opinion, that's the hardest question you can ask an artist haha. Performing at the biggest festivals and in the best clubs around the world is one of the best feelings there is. But being creative in the studio and making something out of nothing is also wonderful. I think I would go for producing music if I had to choose. 

How did you find your sound and how would you describe it?

The nice thing about being able to produce music is that there are endless possibilities. I produced big room bangers, progressive house tracks, psytrance and hardstyle records but also pop songs. I'm really happy that I have the freedom to create whatever I feel like at that particular moment, and that I have the knowledge to know how to do it. Mostly, when I've finished a new song, I export all the samples I've used into one folder. If you use, for example, the same claps, snares, hats as you've used in previous projects - you are creating your own sound and signatures. A really useful tip for aspiring producers having trouble with finding their own sound.

Who inspired you to get into music production?

There are a lot of artists I can name, but Calvin Harris is standing out for me. The combination of radio songs and club tracks he has been releasing is very inspirational for me. Also the disco - funk influences he is using in his songs are very inspiring. In the future I aspire to work like this as well; releasing accessible songs for the bigger audience, while I keep producing hot club records for in my DJ sets.

How do you approach the process of a new song? Are there specific steps/rules that you follow?

A creative process is the most beautiful process there is, you are charged with inspiration and everything falls into place when working on a new song. There is no one particular way to approach a new project. Sometimes a melody pops up in your head, sometimes you come across a nice useful sample and sometimes you come up with a unique combination of certain music genres. In the process of making music there are no rules, and that’s why I like it so much. Endless creativity.

Name your three favourite hardware studio picks.

  • Genelec 8020A - The day I switched from KRK to Genelec monitors was the happiest day in my life. I really like the honesty of the speakers.
  • Avantone Mixcubes - definitely a recommendation to producers who have trouble with mixing their songs. These reference speakers sound like an old car radio, and that's exactly what you need. When everything sounds right and tights on these speakers, your mix is 90% done.
  • KRK subwoofer 10s - gives me a bass face. Like it.
Genelex 8020a Studio Monitors
Avatone Mixing Cubes
KRK 10s subwoofer

Name your three favourite software studio picks.

  • Nexus - perfect for layering sounds
  • Arcade - new plugin by 'Output'. Crazy, but unique sounding banks in it. Endless possibilities with this brand-new plugin.
  • Shaperbox2 - new plugin by 'CableGuys' - Just received it, using it in every track now. Play with the volume, panning, stereo width and more with this handy plugin.
Arcade by Output
ShaperBox by Cableguys

Do you have a favourite plugin that you use in all of your tracks?

Not necessarily my favourite plugin, but the plugin I use the most is the Fabfilter Pro-Q 3. 

An easy to use, well organized and big quality equalizer. I’ve been using it on every sound and sample.

Do you have any tips for aspiring music producers?

Be creative in your music, practice a lot, read books about music, watch ''how to'' tutorials, stay humble, be nice to everyone and the rest will follow automatically.

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