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22 Mar 2017

Interview: The guys who sneak into Ultra Festival for free.

other/interviews Interview: The guys who sneak into Ultra Festival for free.

Since Ultra Miami 2017 is starting we’ve got a special interview ready for you. We’ve got in touch with one if the guys that sneaked into Ultra at 2016. The video went viral and Ultra adjusted their security immediately. Find out more below.

Hey! Please introduce yourself.
Hey, I'm kyle. I'm 21 years old and live in Buffalo New York. I have been listening to electronic music since I was about 14 years old and have been super hooked ever since. I have been sneaking into festivals and shows since I was 18. 

What motivates you to do that?
I have a lot of motivation for doing what we do. Some things include being with my friends, saving money and most importantly being able to travel across the States. I love traveling to new places. Another place I found motivation was this documentary called no cameras allowed about this kid who snuck into festivals as a photographer. That showed to us that we can do it. 

How did you get this idea?
The idea came from the documentary called No Cameras Allowed. It was recommended to me by a friend. After watching that documentary, it really showed that it was something that we can do and shortly after tried out the first trial.

What is the best part about it?
There are many things that make doing what we do so much fun. The best part for me tho is being able to travel around with my friends and see new places.

Do you ever pay for festival tickets?
Yes, we do also pay for festivals and shows. While sneaking in is fun and allows us to see out favorite artists for free we do pay for some of it as it does help support the artist.

What is the most adventurous sneak in/story you had so far?
This question is super easy. Ultra Miami 2016. We flew into Miami with no plans. No tickets. No place to stay and just a tent and our backpacks and that's all we had for an entire week. Luckily out friends of a friend allowed us to put the tent on the balcony and their hotel. We were able to sneak into, Ultra 2 days. It was my favorite because of how hard it was. The security and fencing was like nothing I’ve ever seen so it made it very fun to sneak and take the challenge. All in all it was the best week in my entire life as we also were able to sneak all the shows during Miami music week as well.

Did you ever get caught?
 Yes I have been caught twice. The first time we snuck into a festival in Toronto Canada and got caught a fee hours later for not having out wristbands. We than snuck in again a few hours later so it was ok. The second time I was caught was Ultra last year. We originally had a plan where everyone was going to run the front gate at the same time. I was the only one who ran and got tackled by the police in front of everyone there.

Which festival is still on your bucket list? 
I still have Tomorrowland in Belgium on my bucket list of festivals. It's the biggest of them all and being able to travel there would be a Dream.

Do you use any specific strategy to get it?
We have a few strategies to getting in. The first way is getting there early and getting into before security is there and chill inside the festival. The newest way is to whole the fence and run into the crowd. The last way we use and most difficult is having fake media passes that allow you access to backstage areas. You need to have very good Photoshop skills and confidence.

While sneaking in allows for the most fun and saving a lot of money, we do it because we love the music. The love of the music is what drives us. 

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