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26 Jul 2018

Interview with Bassjackers about future plans and their career

other/interviews Interview with Bassjackers about future plans and their career

Hi Guys! Thanks for talking with us. 

When your career started, what were the things that were on your bucket list? 

When we just started we had never even dreamed to be where we are now. we actually started by thinking how cool it would be if other more known DJs would play our tracks or that it would be cool to play in a club for other people. later on when we were a little further we had goals like ‘play in ibiza one day’ or ‘have our music played by the big names on the biggest festivals’

Has it been possible to achieve those things? 

The first track we did in 2007 instantly got picked up by guys like Fedde Le Grand and Don Diablo so that was huge for us at the time! Very quick after that we got our first shows.

In 2011 we produced our track ‘mush mush’ this got pickup up by Tiesto and got played 7 times in one day at the main stage of EDC Vegas. We were going crazy when we heard that. Not long after that, it was also Tiesto who invited us to play in Ibiza alongside him. So yes you could say that we pretty much achieved those things.

Each time you could tick off something, did you do something special to celebrate it? Example? 

Special moments like that we always celebrate. We, for example, go out in our hometown or buy like a bottle of champagne to celebrate it.

in terms of goals, targets etc. What is the biggest achievement you had in your career so far?

The time ‘mush mush’ got picked up and we played in Ibiza the first time was def a huge breakthrough. This is also when we started to get more international. But we had a few really big moments we are really proud of like for example closing the main stage at EDC Vegas. The time we placed in the DJ mag 100 for the first time and this year we played Tomorrowland mainstage for the first time! Also on the music side, we were really happy when we hit the Beatport top 10 for a number of times in a row. Or when you hear your music on the radio for the first time, stuff like that will always be cool.

With who would you like to work in the future? 

We believe that collaborations come together naturally but there are a few legends that we would mind working with like Pharrell for example.

Can we already expect something?

Pharrell didn’t call us yet but we have a few really cool collaborations in the pipeline with other legends like Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and super talented guys like Crossnaders, Bali Bandits & L3N

What is right now still on your bucket list? 

We already accomplished so much more than we could ever dream of but from a Dj producer perspective of course working with the biggest names in the music industry would be cool, and maybe something like a huge arena world tour, or play at some crazy huge sports event like the Olympics or world cup maybe.

Is there anything else on your bucket list, outside your DJ life? 

Marlon: Still have to go skydiving one day, preferably in Dubai because the view looks so sick and its probably such a huge adrenaline rush.

What should we not miss? 

Don’t forget to check out our new website there’s a brand new ‘signed by bassjackers’ where Ralph explains how he produces certain tracks, we have a lot of new merch coming up and of course for all the musical and show updates that is the place to be.

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