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4 Sep 2018

Invest in the wrong

producer/techniques Invest in the wrong

When you start producing, a world of sound equipment (gear) opens up for you. For your first set-up, you have to choose from a variety of different brands, types and techniques. Set; you have saved for a reasonable budget for a long time and you have your first set-up ready in the attic or in the garage of your parents because almost every producer has started. After a while of creating beats, you notice that the Kick in your studio sounds much thicker than your best friend in his room, who also has studio speakers. After a while, you start to really irritate yourself here, because how can people enjoy your music when the kick sounds like a carpet beater? So, you start (understandably) to doubt the equipment you have in your home studio. You decide to start saving again for a new set of speakers because according to you there is the problem. The speakers that you have in mind are on the pricey side, namely almost € 1000, - per set. But, you are passionate and you only read good reviews of this set on the internet. After a few months, you buy the speakers and you start working with good courage again. After you have made a new beat again, run to your best friend to check your mix on his boxes. Until you regret you notice that the Kick still does not sound like the sounds in the studio with you. Your best friend does not understand it either, because he has also listened to your beat in your home studio and he sounds much better! Have you just paid almost € 1000, - for a set of top speakers, your music does not sound good yet. With the hands in the hair you ask yourself; "What am I doing wrong?"

The situation described above occurs with many starting producers. The real problem in this situation is almost certainly in the acoustics of the room in which the music is created, instead of the quality of the studio speakers. The acoustics of a room are of great importance because this influences how your ears catch the sound and how you make your mix. If the acoustics in your room is bad, your music will most likely sound bad too. It is almost impossible to give a fixed solution on which you can provide almost any room with better acoustics. This is different per room. Incidentally, there are a number of techniques to improve the acoustics in your room, but this research requires investment in the material.

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