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17 Oct 2019

Kali Audio is releasing new IN-8 studio monitor

producer/hardware Kali Audio is releasing new IN-8 studio monitor

Kali Audio announced a new 3-way studio monitor featuring an 8-inch woofer, concentric 4-inch mid tones and 1-inch tweeter. Previously we’ve made a review about the Kali LP-6, which is an amazingly good studio monitor for its price class!

The new Kali project, named ‘Project Independence’, seems a lot like the popular LP-8 studio monitor. The IN-8 has a 4-inch midrage driver, which controls the tweeter as waveguide. Besides this, there have been more adjustments which we will elaborate on in a full review, in which we’ll also take a closer look at the quality of the sound.

 “While finishing work on the LP-8, we had the idea to upgrade the system to include a midrange driver. Doing so would solve the problem that all traditional 2-way studio monitors face: spatial separation of the high frequency and low-frequency elements cause off-axis lobing, which compromises the quality of soundstage.”

“The LP-8 platform lends itself well to this upgrade, and so the speaker didn’t need to be redesigned from the ground up. This allowed our team to focus on the directivity performance of the system. As we’ve exhibited the system in various proof-of-concept phases this year, listeners have remarked on the clarity and detail of the stereo image, which is precisely what we hoped to achieve.”

The IN-8 will be available around November the first in America for $399, and at a later date for the rest of the world

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