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29 Oct 2019

Liquid Sonics Seventh Heaven - The only reverb you need?

producer Liquid Sonics Seventh Heaven - The only reverb you need?

Liquid Sonics are best known for their partnership with Slate Digital. VerbSuite Classics and Lustrous Plates are two of the most desirable third party plugins, available through the All Access Pass.

Seventh Heaven Professional, is Liquid Sonics flagship plugin. Offering "The ultimate Bricasti M7 plug-in simulation. Nothing comes closer to the legendary hardware." Used by producers, mixers and composers such as; Rik Simpson, Jonas Westling and Toby Pitman to name but a few.

Seventh Heaven is not just a beautiful recreation of the Bricasti. It offers immense versatility with advanced parameter control (reflections, equaliser, delay) as well as tight integration with all DAW's.

The wide range of presets and spaces available, could make it your go to reverb for each and every genre. I used SH in lots of different sessions over the past few months. The main focus being, how does it translate in real world situations.

The first production was for a film soundtrack, using virtual orchestration in the box. The second piece involved a male singer-songwriter. The final recording is a trailer composition, that was centred around the electric guitar. 

Seventh Heaven is the only featured reverb on these tracks, links are below.

I now find myself reaching for SH on every production, no matter the situation. It's fast, extremely versatile and very affordable.

Liquid Sonics offers two versions of Seventh Heaven. Professional, which houses every single preset available in the Bricasti M7 at $299. And the basic model, which delivers equally impressive results if you're looking for a great deal at $69.

Visit the Liquid Sonics website and download your 14 days free trial now.

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