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22 May 2019

Looking for DJ or band management software? Read this first!

other/news Looking for DJ or band management software? Read this first!

As an artist such as a DJ or member of a band, management can make or break a career. If you have a dedicated manager or taking responsibility for the management yourself, it’s key to do it with care.

Nowadays there are many tools such as mobile apps and software that are making this process easier. So, if you want to start with a good structure as a band or DJ? Read on!

Why is artist management software essential?

If you are a DJ, artist or member of a band it's important in general to work with a good structure on the back. As an artist, you need to focus on your musical career and focus less on administration and other distracting tasks. Of course, it’s part of the deal but still, you can minimize it. 

Making music, strategic planning and marketing is one of the main priorities. To keep everything clear in an overview on your computer and on a mobile app when you’re on the road that’s the part when software comes in.

Popular software such as ABOSS used by many professionals in de music industry is almost forcing artist, agencies, and managers to structure everything correctly. It’s not a general agenda they offer but an artist CRM, calendar, sharing, invoicing and many more essential features.

This all to make sure you can focus on what’s important, entertaining the crowd!

DJ management software

As and DJ you don’t deal with multiple musicians in most cases. For a DJ it’s important to have control over your own career and do it yourself or with a manager or booking agent. Depending on the situation you can personalize the software, so a booking agency or manager can also access and work in the software.

If you have a manager/booking agent, you both can work in centralized software to streamline communications for a better structure and overview of all the important details.

Band management software

As a band, it’s getting a bit more complex and the need for a good structure is often high. If you have multiple members in a band and a manager/booking agent it can be hard to communicate and make agreements effectively.

This is where software comes in to make sure you have a central place and a mobile app for all the band members to be informed real-time. Have a look at ABOSS to discover how you can get your band on the same page with an ABOSS artist license.


The software can help you to structure your career. Once you work with the structure it will reflect on your whole career and the artist can focus on what’s really important and that is making music and entertaining the fans!

Watch the video below for more information about ABOSS:

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