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6 Mar 2019

Make your studio come alive: LIFX Tile review

reviews Make your studio come alive: LIFX Tile review

We wanted to review products that could make our office (or studio) give that professional music appearance. We stumbled upon LIFX Tile. It was such a unique product, and we had to write about it. 

What’s inside?

When you open the box, you will find five 20x20 centimeter squares that contain 64 color zones per tile. To begin, connect the squares, the box includes four short cords, one long cord, and a power supply that can power up to ten squares. That is all you need to get that fantastic led lighted studio.

Setting it up

The great thing about this product is that you can set the squares up in every shape you’d want. Think of it as building blocks. It looks simple to set up, but truthfully, it was a hassle. Connecting the wires correctly, laying it out, getting it to stick to the wall, and work; took us two hours! :(

There is room for improvement in this area, as people want out of the box ready to go equipment, not a two-hour endeavor. However, once we've got how to set it up - it went smoother. You have to be aware that it takes some time to set it up correctly.

Connecting to the app (IOS & Android)

All the products from LIFX can connect to their app, and you can customize the squares to your preference using your phone! With more than 16 million color options, there will undoubtedly be one for you. There is also a dimming option, to reduce brightness, from 1% to 100%. The connection runs on Wi-Fi; it is 2019 after all. Finally, the squares also work with smart home setups and can connect to home assistants like Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Microsoft Cortana.

Studio test

In the app there is an option to make your squares a music visualizer. Sounds great, right? Well, we tested it out, and we didn’t like it. It's not engaging and isn't timed to the beat of the music; somewhat pointless in our opinion. 


The design is unique, and the color blending looks astonishing. The squares give you a real eyecatcher for your room. The app contains countless pattern designs and is user-friendly. Once is set up and working, it is so much fun to mess around with and beautiful to look at. This is our LIFX Tile:


Setting it all up was not as easy as we thought. Connecting everything and making sure all the squares work, took a lot of time. The price might scare some of you off as it officially sells for €259,99 - but it's worth it in the end!


Overall this is a unique lighting product to have. If you like customization and want to make your room have that distinctive glowing look, then you should check it out. We still use our set every day, as you can see above. Great innovation!


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