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26 Jul 2017

Making melodies and chords with no music theory knowledge

producer/software Making melodies and chords with no music theory knowledge

Nowadays you don’t need to have that much knowledge of music theory as a music producer. For example, Deadmau5 can’t play all the chords he makes he just draw them in his DAW. Playing the piano is helpful when you want to produce music, but not always an easy process to learn. Not everyone is a grown up in a music family or had music theory lessons when they were young, but hey it’s never too late to learn.

In this case, we would advise to get more knowledge on music theory or watch a few piano tutorials on YouTube. With having this knowledge, it will be easier to come up with original melodies.

But if you are still struggling with this what then? There are some cool chord hack tools for this so don’t worry!

Chord generator VSTs.

With a chord generator, you just transform a single note to a chord. This with various options in scales and other effects. With presets, you can select a scale you want to play, with pressing every single note you play a chord in a scale. If you use a chord generator in a DAW like Logic or Fruity Loops, it is used as a MIDI effect. In your DAW midi viewer, it’s shown as a single note, and the effect makes it sound like a chord. So, with a chord generator, you press one key, and you play a note – with scrolling through the presets you play different scales until you find the scale you like.

Generate an idea

This all may sound lazy, but on the other side, you should sometimes use those tools to make it easier for yourself. There are even videos on the internet where famous producers use those tools, just to work fast and a not every good producer can play every chord of Bach. Producers also use a chord generator to create an idea quickly when they have a singer in the studio, so a singer doesn't have to wait too long anymore before an idea is created. In the end, you always can give your twist to the melody.

Bad to use or a great tool?

We are quite happy with the developing of chord generators. It are great tools to work fast and make music when you're less creative. In the end, give your twist to the melody, and you got a nice chord progression!

Different types

Have a look at the different kinds of chord generators in the market. Some of them are more advanced than others. Logic has an internal solution for this.

List of chord generators:

1.    Cthulhu (From Xfer, same as Serum VST)

2.    Chordz (Free)

3.    Tone Space

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