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6 Jan 2017

Mesto: 'My favorite plug-in is Massive'

producer Mesto: 'My favorite plug-in is Massive'

Mesto is still in the beginning of his career. Yet the 17-year-old Dutch DJ / producer has already achieved a lot. Last week, we labeled him as "Future Starr ' a DJ we can expect a lot from in the future.labeled him as "Future Starr ' a DJ we can expect a lot from in the future.

Melle Stomp who produces under his DJ alias "Mesto" became known worldwide through his collaboration with Justin Mylo & Martin Garrix called ‘Bouncy Bob’. Last year Mesto signed a contract with the world's biggest dance label Spinnin Records, "a dream which came true for him!

We were honored to ask Mesto a few questions about his career, success, and method.

 (This interview is translated by Insideaudio, the original version is available in Dutch on our website)

Hi Mesto, introduce yourself.

Hey! I'm Melle Stomp, and I produce and DJ under the name Mesto.

How old were you when you started producing?

I was about 14 years old when I first touched a DJ set. Many of my friends were working with it, and that really inspired me greatly to do it. I downloaded FL Studio on my computer and quickly became 'addicted' ha-ha!

How did you get into the music business?

I put all of the tracks I made right online on Soundcloud, so that other people could also listen to. After half a year suddenly a remix I made was reposted by a big channel called 'Future House Music'. I was on my way home from school, and in the meantime, I checked if new plays, comments, reaction or likes were featured on my track. It suddenly had 40,000 plays! In the beginning, I didn’t understand how it this could have happened, But I came out later that he was reposted. That was really crazy, cause my tracks normally had no more than <500 plays. (those were especially my friends and family).

Of course, it would have been difficult in the beginning. How long was it before you realized that your work has been recognized?

From the moment I have just described, that motivated me enormously. I just went through making music and putting it online. From then on, everything went like a rocket.

Many producers of your age are trying to achieve the same. What did you do to stand out?

First of all, I didn't care about what other people were making. Without any notice about the style in the ‘EDM’ scene, I started making music and created my own style. That is very important! If you create something that's already done for a thousand times, you will not stand out.

What is your favorite plug-in / which you use from the beginning? 

My favorite plugin is Massive. Herewith I (almost) make all my sounds and it is easy to use.

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How did you learn to make the first steps in producing music?

I basically just did anything. Everything I didn't get I looked up on YouTube. Not that everything on YouTube is legit, but you will still learn something from everybody.

Who inspired you to make music?

The person who inspired me to make music is Oliver Heldens. When 'Gecko' came out I really thought, "This is super original and cool." He is also the one who I really want to collaborate with.

What was your biggest obstacle when you started making music?

In the beginning, my biggest obstacle was to mix my tracks. On Soundcloud you saw these beautiful waveforms everywhere (I thought) and I wanted my tracks looked the same. That's the reason why I was putting random things on my master, to make it look cool. With the result that the track sounded horrible. Haha!

What are your three tips to become successful as a producer?

My tips to become successful are:

Tip 1: Do what you like. Try to create your own sound and try to stand out.

Tip 2: Try to network with people. Send your tracks to the people you look up to, and they might find it cool! If not ... Just keep going on, but then you've at least made a connection.

Tip 3: Make sure you're turning the decks! Contact club owners, event managers etc. My first booking was created by selling tickets for a party. I told them that I was a DJ and it would be great to perform once.

 (This interview is translated by Insideaudio, the original version is available in Dutch on our website)

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