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11 Aug 2018

Mix your low-end frequencies better than EVER with the SUBPAC M2X

producer/hardware Mix your low-end frequencies better than EVER with the SUBPAC M2X

This month we had to honour to test SUBPAC latest model the SUBPAC M2X. SUBPAC is a Los Angeles-based company launched with a Kickstarter campaign in 2013 that raised over $100.000. With ambassadors such as world-known producer Timberland, numerous producers, and collaborations to have their technology build in cars such as Peugeot - it's very promising.

Gamers, producers, sound engineers, and drummers all over the world who discovered the SUBPAC seems to love it! But why? and does it really add an extra dimension to feel low frequencies precisely on your body instead of only hearing them?

We had a closer look.


To start off we had a look at all the features. Most interesting is the range of frequencies that the SUBPAC responds to that is 1hz -200hz. This is something you can truly feel and will be appreciated by your neighbour’s since not everyone likes loud subwoofers ;). Also, feeling frequencies won’t damage your ears when you’re in a mixing project for many hours.

With connections, there are several possibilities and you must see which one works best with your DAW and studio set-up. One option we found easy to just put a cable in the headphone output to the input of the M2X, so you can easily adjust the volume and intensity of the SUBPAC.

  • Physical Audio technology allows you to monitor bass and sub-bass frequencies from 1hz -200Hz.
  • Unlike traditional monitors, SUBPAC is quiet to the outside world.
  • Unrivaled accuracy and consistency across all environments – room acoustics and air are no longer the enemy of the perfect mix. 
  • Monitor bass and sub-bass frequencies at much lower levels, preventing hearing damage and loss. 
  • Easily connects to any audio device via standard 3.5mm cable.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 input with A2DP streaming for casual listening.
  • Headphone audio pass-through for ease of use.
  • Portable – SUBPAC weighs 5 lbs (1,47kg) and can be used in studio, onstage or in any outdoor location.
  • 7+ hours of use via integrated rechargeable high capacity Li-ion battery.
  • Optimized drivers and membranes for improved accuracy

SUBPAC with a recording artist 

So, the first time we tested the SUBPAC we hooked the back-pack looking SUBPAC on the back of a friend that records rap vocals in our studio. He was so impressed by the first seconds and I just played the instrumental we planned to record on. His reaction to record with the SUBPAC was that it was way easier for him to get in the vibe of the instrumental since he also felt it. It just gave it an extra dimension to studio gear and tools to improve quality. For him, it did really add value to the recording process that you could hear in the recorded stems.

SUBPAC while mixing songs

When I started to work on some mixes that I planned to finish I decided to plug in the SUBPAC. Overall I noticed that I was putting the intensity lower since I was going to mix for a few hours. By letting myself guide by my ears I noticed that monitoring of the sounds where way more accurate below 200Hz. I don’t have a subwoofer at home and with the SUBPAC it was just easier to find out what was going on in the low spectrum of a mix, especially in EDM lows are important. It makes it just easier to understand how it will sound in a club or festival that have many subwoofers connected.

For me, it was on both sides an extra dimension to recording for the recording artist and in the mixing and mastering process. It is a gadget that will help to understand and get a better feeling while making music. Besides that, not everyone has the possibility to treat their room with expensive acoustics and subwoofers without disturbing anyone else and their wallet ;).

Just for fun or helpful?

To be honest, I also tried it while listing to music for entertainment, for me, it’s only cool to understand the lows and to learn from that in other songs. I would not wear it for entertainment that often. But with making music and having the M2X in the corner, I would definitely pick it up! Just so easy to connect and the benefits of the quality in recording and mixing we’re definitely there in a positive way for me!

Overall: a GO! For every musician that just want a little bit extra, likes to improve their quality and of course love gadgets! We are very curious where the SUBPAC takes us in the future with integrations in cars and other innovations.

To see all the different kind of people using it have a closer look at their Instagram here.

Two other promising integrations with the SUBPAC technology.

SUBPAC in a Peugeot car and in a cinema 

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