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28 Jun 2019

Native Instruments release Massive X

producer/hardware Native Instruments release Massive X

The well-known flagship wavetable synthesizer from Native Instruments is set to define the next ten years of electronic music. With the updated Massive X we can expect a lot of new awesome features from Native Instruments. Massive is one of the most popular synthesizers for electronic music in the world! They designed the new version from scratch.

Massive X is Native Instruments’ new flagship synth, built by the same team as its predecessor. Based on a state of the art architecture, it delivers pristine sound, and huge creative flexibility for artists and sound designers alike – allowing them to create, modulate, and experiment with sound from a huge range of sources, in any way they like.  

At the heart of MASSIVE X is a rich new oscillator section with dual wavetable oscillators and 170 wavetables. 10 different oscillator modes, each with their own submodes, provide countless ways to create exciting and dynamic sounds or textures. Three primary sound sculpting controls include wavetable position as a standard control, plus two additional custom parameters for each mode. Two phase modulation oscillators and an auxiliary modulation input mean MASSIVE X is capable of huge variation right at the sound source – even before additional modulation, effects, or routing are used.

More information about MASSIVE X can be found on the Native Instruments website

MASSIVE X is available from the Native Instruments website for €199 MASSIVE users can upgrade for €149/$149, and MASSIVE X is also included in KOMPLETE 12, KOMPLETE 12 ULTIMATE, and KOMPLETE 12 ULTIMATE – COLLECTOR’S EDITION.

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