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4 Sep 2018

Not properly leveled during recording

producer/techniques Not properly leveled during recording

Novice producers who are also involved in recording vocals or rap often make the mistake of recording the recordings on the wrong volume. If you record too softly, you will get into trouble later when mixing. When you want a soft recording to be harder in the mix, you automatically amplify the noise that is on the soft image. After all, a soft image is close to the so-called noise floor. It is difficult to remove the noise afterwards.

On the other hand, you do not want to be too harsh. If you record too loudly, the image can clip and you get a "tap" sound in the recording that is almost impossible to get rid of (like noise).

Setting a correct volume is therefore essential. "The singer I record does not sing the whole song as loud, so how can I do this best?" you may ask yourself. Again, do not turn up the volume and ask the singer to sing the most difficult/hard part of the song. For example, you can set that the loudest part of the song is not clipped, because that's where you set the volume. Another way could be: ask the singer to lean back a little when she sings harder. You call this in the recording process 'microphone technique'. This is not equally easy for every vocalist. In the end you want the vocalist (e) to put a super vocal-take. For this he or she must feel comfortable. So if the vocalist indicates that he/she is not good at 'microphone technique', as a producer you better set the volume correctly. Do not forget: it's about the quality of the source!

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