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4 Sep 2018

Produce and mix at high volume

producer/techniques Produce and mix at high volume

Turn the volume knob up again, then that beat sounds fatter! "You probably hear yourself saying it: In most cases, people experience louder as better, if you hear a high-volume song on the radio and then a song in the same genre that sounds softer, you will probably find the first song the coolest / nicest.This fact can cause various problems if you always produce / mix at high volume.It not only damages your hearing, but if you always produce at high volume You may experience your music as fatter than it really is, and at a high volume it is also more difficult to mix, because your hearing itself starts to act as a compressor and does not properly "display" certain frequencies. you make adjustments to your mix that are not good for the mix in the long run, and you often only notice this when you listen to your mix at lower volume, so do not produce and mix too hard, which volume is best? some 80dB to 85dB is the most suitable volume to mix. You could measure this yourself with a good (read: not with a smartphone app) dB meter. It is also important that you set a volume for yourself that you always mix. This way you get tracks that are all around the same level in terms of mix.

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