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24 Jan 2019

Producing music at home? You need this as a beginner!

producer/techniques Producing music at home? You need this as a beginner!

It is a dream of many young people, becoming successful as a DJ and producer and travelling around the world like Martin Garrix and all other famous DJs and producers! Whether you want to become a DJ or want to pick up the technical side in the studio, you will always have to produce. Without music, you do not get anywhere as a DJ, and that's where the big challenge for young people is.

How can you efficiently produce music at home? Simply, because it has to start with that. It does not make sense to get all kinds of expensive hardware, that only makes it more difficult in the beginning! Start at the base and from there expand to more hardware and software, in making music and arranging songs the golden principle is still less is more.

Below we will discuss 5 essential parts that you need to start producing music at home. Do you want to record vocals yourself or perform other actions? Then you need more hardware, but this list is the basis for when you are just starting!

At Inside Audio we are busy writing a producer guide and instruments guide that contains everything about hardware and software.

Producer laptop

In the past, you needed expensive and large studios with a lot of hardware to make music, because computers were still very limited regarding software. Nowadays everything happens 'in the box' or with a laptop or computer. A relatively small device is very powerful nowadays and can be good for a number 1 hit.

How, for example, you used a hardware module (a physical device) for each individual effect, you now open it with a single click on your laptop. This has ensured the success of the electronic producer in recent years. It has become very accessible, giving many new talents a chance.

A producer laptop or computer is essential and the basis for every producer! Want to know more about which producer laptop you should purchase? Read this article about producer laptops.


If you have a good laptop or computer, then the second step is to install the right software. There are many possibilities such as FL Studio, Logic Pro X (for Apple), Ableton and less famous but certainly not less good are Cubase and Studio One.

Very popular for beginners is FL Studio, this is because it is very easy to start and you learn quickly.

We recommend buying FL Studio to prevent bugs and keep your computer clean. Don't you prefer FL Studio? Then look at Logic Pro X or Ableton.

Want to know more about FL Studio or Ableton? Click on the links.

Studio monitors or headphones

Measurement is the key to knowledge! That is undoubtedly true for producers, but you work with audio and how do you know what you are doing? Well, you know that by listening carefully and monitoring what you hear and for that you need an audio sound system. The most common are studio monitors that you connect to an external audio interface because you do not get bothered by your ears and a clear image of sound.

Do you choose to work with a studio headset? Then that also has its advantages. For example, it is cheaper, and your neighbours or co-residents are not bothered by it. Headphones are great for the first few months, but after that, you have to look at studio monitors to mix better and work longer.

Do not work with cheap or unprofessional speakers, and you will see that the quality of your productions remain low because you do not hear what you are doing.

Popular studio monitors are the famous KRK Rokit's and Yamaha HS series. Our advice certainly goes to Adam Audio from Berlin who recently released the T-Series.

Sound card

A sound card is included in every computer or laptop, but the problem is that the quality is not good enough to process multiple tracks of audio at the same time. In addition, you cannot connect instruments or studio monitors with an XLR connection, that's why you always choose an external audio interface. An external audio interface makes it possible to connect studio monitors, record instruments such as a guitar, and work on higher settings within your software with less delay and lag.

A simple audio interface does not have to be expensive! One of the most popular interface for beginners is certainly the Focusrite 2i2!

YouTube tutorials

If you have read the above points carefully and have them in order, you have arrived at the last part, and that is about knowledge! Your knowledge is something you always have to keep up with and keep learning. The easiest way to get started right away is to search different tutorials on YouTube that deal with the software (DAW) you work with. For example, there are various tutorials for each specific action but also general introduction videos such as FL Studio 20 introduction - go and look for several hours of different tutorials every week.

Later you can always expand with the following.

Want to know the 11 most common mistakes among beginners? Then read this guide.

We wish you good luck! Do you have any questions? Please let us know in a comment below this message.

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