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4 Sep 2018

Put too many plugins on the master bus

producer/techniques Put too many plugins on the master bus

Every producer wants his or her track to sound as good as possible. That is a fact. The beginning producer also wants to do everything to make his music sound as thick as possible and therefore decides to purchase a lot of mastering plugins. Eventually, you end up with a master-buss where all kinds of master-limiters, ultra-maxims, multi-band compressors, stereo imagers and parametric EQs are on. Still, the track still sounds muddy and the result is disappointing. "How is that possible, mastering should just make your track sound better?", You may wonder. Mastering is the last link in the production process, where a well-mixed track can get that extra bit, making the track sound super. However, it is very important that you have made a good mix and that you know exactly what you are doing during mastering. As a starting producer, it might be better if you want someone else to have your tracks mapped out, who knows more about that. If you do not have a budget for that, you might need to deepen Mastering.

"It's all about the research baby!"

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