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3 Oct 2019

Reason Studio is putting edition 11 on the market!

producer/software Reason Studio is putting edition 11 on the market!

Reason announced its eleventh edition, which is also available directly from the new Reason Studio’s website. A big feature is that the stock Reason plugins are now available for other DAW’s thanks to the Reason Rack Plugin. Reason 11 includes 6 new functions.

“We’re thrilled to release Reason 11 today.” said Mattias Häggström Gerdt, Product Manager. “This release marks a new era for Reason. More musicians can explore the powerful Reason Rack than ever before —as a plugin or a DAW—and I personally can’t wait to hear the music they’ll make.”

Reason 11 comes in three different versions, Reason Intro, Reason and Reason Suite. Reason Suite is a collection of instruments, effects and other tools numbering 70 different kinds. Besides this, the Scenic Hybrid instrument is included and completely renewed, but also available separately for €99,-.

Reason 11's new features

  • Quartet Chorus Ensemble: Spice up your sound with four flavors of chorus and ensemble effects. From classic vintage chorus to the unique sound of granular ensemble.
  • Sweeper Modulation Effect: Add more color with this high quality, multi-talented phaser, flanger and filter unit with expansive dynamic modulation options.
  • Master Bus Compressor: Reason’s trusted ready-for-radio bus compressor can now be applied anywhere in the rack.
  • Channel Dynamics: Use the subtle compressor, expander and gate from Reason’s studio-grade mixer anywhere in your signal chain
  • Channel EQ: The legendary modeled EQ unit featured in countless platinum recordings is now its own rack device.
  • Scenic Hybrid Instrument: A cinematic dream machine of atmospheric sounds, textures and powerful performance controls. 
  • View the Reason 11 announcement video here.

Visit Reasons site for more info..

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