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19 Jun 2020

Review: ADAM Audio T10S Studio Subwoofer

producer ADAM Audio T10S Studio Subwoofer

The Adam Audio T-Series consists of high-quality affordable studio monitors, they are one of the best studio monitors at the moment in the price range under €200. We are very happy with the quality of these monitors, which can be read in this review article.

But a good set of studio monitors also needs a decent subwoofer if you want to better analyze what is going on in the low frequencies. For this Adam Audio has developed a special subwoofer that fits perfectly with the T-Series monitors such as the T5V, T7V and T8V called the ADAM Audio T10S.

We test the ADAM Audio T10S subwoofer in our review studio in combination with the ADAM Audio T5V Studio monitors.

ADAM Audio T10S
ADAM Audio T10S logo and light
Under the sub a 10-inch woofer
The back

Do you need a subwoofer?

First of all, if you have a set of powerful studio monitors, do you still need a studio subwoofer? No, not necessarily, but do you make hip-hop or electronic music? Then it is very useful to get more insight into the low frequencies. In addition, this is certainly the case with other genres, for example a bass guitarist, it is very valuable to be able to hear in detail what happens in the low frequencies.

You have to be very careful with the positioning and intensity (volume) of the subwoofer, we notice that when the volume is opened very slightly, this is more than sufficient. It should definitely not be an overkill at low frequencies, but a subtle addition. In addition, you must be careful that your neighbours do not get angry ;)

Regarding the positioning it depends very much on the space, try different positions and listen carefully what the difference is. In addition, consider placing bass straps so that the frequencies do not fly around in your space.

Answer to the question, do you need a subwoofer? No, but it does give you a lot of extra insight when making music!

“Do not experience harder bass, but experience deep and low bass”

The ADAM Audio T10S studio subwoofer

The ADAM Audio T10S is a 10-inch studio subwoofer specially designed for the T-Series, but can also be connected to other studio monitors. Frequencies low to 28Hz, that's what the ADAM Audio T10S is made for. With the T7V it goes up to 39Hz and with the T5V up to 45Hz. By working with the ADAM Audio T10S you can therefore perceive a wider frequency spectrum, but above all more clearly.

The subwoofer goes low up to 28Hz and up to 120Hz, which you can also set up to a limit of 80Hz with a crossover filter switch on the back. The subwoofer amplifies a total of 130 watts, which is very much and more than enough for the average studio.

ADAM Audio T10S
ADAM Audio T10S connections
Under 10-inch woofer

Connecting the subwoofer is easy, for this you need an extra set of cables. The cabling goes from your audio interface to your subwoofer and from your subwoofer back to the studio monitors. This can be done with XLR, but also with RCA.

If you use the ADAM Audio T10S subwoofer while making music, it is nice if you can quickly switch between the subwoofer on / off. This is possible with a bypass foot pedal - unfortunately this is not included and can be bought separately. We definitely recommend this, so that you also know how it sounds without a subwoofer and you can make the circuit quickly.

The build quality

The woofer itself is nicely concealed at the bottom, making it invisible. On the outside you don't see much and it is very minimalistic - which we love. The legs are sturdy and also provide support to reduce vibration, they are very flexible.

The outside is made of a wood with a black lacquer, which looks sleek. In general, the studio subwoofer is very sturdy, without loose parts that vibrate.

Sound quality

Together with the T-Series you can really make your studio monitors sound even better. Because there is less pressure on the studio monitors to display such low frequencies, we notice a quieter mid-low spectrum with the T5Vs.

In addition, the sound of the ADAM Audio T10S is perfect in combination with the T-Series monitors. A very deep and clean layer in consultation with the ribbon tweeters in the T-Series makes for an impressive whole. A very nice addition to your studio monitors!


All in all, it is again very well done by Adam Audio to put this product down for this price. In terms of experience and valuable information when making music, the ADAM Audio T10S performs very well, a nice deep low and especially in combination with the T5V, T7V or the new T8V Studio monitor. It is a pity that you have to look for a switch to bypass. Keep in mind that you also need to purchase bass traps to keep the low frequencies under control in your room. ADAM Audio is very sure about the quality and therefore gives a 5 year warranty on all products that are registered, on this page there is more explanation.

You only know what you are missing when you experience it yourself in your studio, we are impressed!

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