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13 Dec 2019

Review: AIAIAI TMA-2 HD wireless headphones 'competition with the high-end market'

producer Review: AIAIAI TMA-2 HD wireless headphones 'competition with the high-end market'

The Danish company AIAIAI has been a player in the headphone market for years. For example, AIAIAI-headphones are the headphones used in videos by Colour Studios! The design is great, the quality and innovation on point and the audio competitive.

Audio quality

With a purchase of AIAIAI TMA-2 HD you get AIAIAIs high-end S05 speaker units. The audio quality is amazing, as soon as we started using the headphones we were impressed by the quality and detail of the sound that these headphones produce.

The sound is deep and detailed, which we didn't experience previously when using headphones in this price range. A big improvement in comparison to earlier versions is HD, this version promises less distortion thanks to its improved speakers.


The earcups on these headphones are very comfortable. They are made of Alcantara, which feels very soft. You definitely notice the fact that these headphones are made from very light materials. You can still feel the headphones on your head, but this feeling is minimal. We’ve used the AIAIAI TMA-2 HD without problems up to 8 hours a day for multiple days.


There are 3 little buttons on the top of the headphone strap which serve as controls. These enable you to control SIRI, skip between tracks and connect via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth controller is placed in the headphones band. This feature is not included in the non-Bluetooth version.

The AIAIAI TMA-2 HD charges via a USB-A to USB-C-port.

TMA-2 HD unassembled parts
TMA-2 HD cable
TMA-2 HD controls

Build quality

Modular headphones? We’ve seen this before! Gerrard Street is a Dutch company that runs a subscription-based service for modular headphones. AIAIAI has been selling modular headphones for a while now, not as a subscription-based service but as a one-time purchase.

The a modular setup is important for build quality. Because the device consists of separate components, it enables you to easily swap out broken components yourself. The sturdiness of the headphones is no less than non-modular headphones. The difference is that you have to assemble the headphone yourself, which isn’t too much of an issue.

The main benefit of a modular setup is that you can get custom parts, like the cable and the earcups. These are made of strong plastics and are absolutely not of cheap quality and are resilient.

TMA-2 HD alcantara 
TMA-2 HD back of the box
TMA-2 HD box

The cable

The cable that comes with the TMA-2 is really long and has a screw-able 6.3mm jack plug. The quality is really good and easy to roll up. There’s also a sort of plastic coating around the cable itself, which means the cable doesn't get dirty easily. You need to make a rotary movement while plugging the cable into the headphones, this locks it firmly into place.


The build quality is really good, it might be plastic but that does mean that it feels very light and comfortable. Because of the modular setup, you can easily change parts. The audio quality is great for its price range and apart from that has a clean design. Highly recommended!

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