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1 Aug 2019

Review: AKG C636 Condenser Vocal Microphone 'studio sound on stage'

producer/hardware Review: AKG C636 condenser Vocal Microphone

The AKG C636 vocal microphone is a handheld vocal condenser microphone based on the legendary C535 handheld microphone. The microphone is a top-class microphone built for use on stage but also delivers in terms of studio quality.  

We have now reviewed the C636 intensely and we can now dive deeper into this beast.. 

Read our review below.

Inside the AKG C636

The AKG C636 has some impressive hardware build-in. The C636 has a 24-carat gold-plated capsule, uniform cardioid polar pattern, double shock suspensions system and a multi-layer protection system. The C636 is custom tuned and able to process 150dB SPL. It designed to reduce the most common problems when using a stage microphone, such as noise, pop/wind and other unwanted sounds.

When you unpack the C636 and hold it in your hands for the first time, you will feel its solidity. The built-in noise ejection system is there to eliminate any plosives and inconsistencies. To deal with all those noise related things the C636 capsule sits on an absorbent rubber bearing which disconnects the microphone from the body.

To prevent the pop ‘p’ noise, AKG used a three-layer system consisting of the grill, a foam layer behind the grill and a computer-modeled mesh that is magnetically connected to the top of the capsule. 

The AKG C636 weighs 321 grams and does require a +48v phantom power.

Wondering how AKG managed to create an extra filter? See below on how they added the magnetic filter.

What's in the box?

In the box is, of course, the C636 itself placed in the zip bag which has an extra slot to place some other accessories such as the SA61 stand adapter which is also included.

Below a picture of the included zip bag and box.

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Audio quality

The AKG C636 personifies pure studio sound with a transparent tone. When testing it you can hear it’s a top-class microphone and sounds like a professional studio microphone. We find the frequency response very natural and soft. All the noise-reduction solutions result in a trustworthy sound on stage and the microphone can handle a knock. 

So, if you would like to re-create the studio sound on stage with even more precision, the C636 is the way to go! 

When we tested the C636 out with different vocal types and tones in relation to males and females, we were fully impressed by its sound. It sounds extremely clean and you can hear what they did with all the noise reductions, you can have a very energetic performance without interfering with the sound.


AKG really focused on two things in our opinion 1. Studio sound on- stage 2. Removing unwanted noises such as noise and pop noise. Removing the unwanted pop’s is something very important when performing on stage, fixing this is a life-saver for many artists when performing live.

It’s a bit of a higher priced stage vocal microphone then the average, but it’s worth it in our opinion. 

If you are looking for a quality and a good vocal microphone to use on stage that reduces noise even when dancing for example? Then the AKG C636 is perfect! 

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