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3 Jul 2020

Review: Babylon the 'One Page Wonder' synth from WA Production

producer Babylon the 'One Page Wonder'

WA Productions is an online company that develops and sells various tools for producers. In recent years they have built up a very wide range of sample packs, plugins and templates online. It is not your average sample pack company, but provides a complete solution for producers including own plugins. It is nice to see that these companies, which often have young owners, are doing well and are making a name for themselves in the industry - there is plenty of room for new innovation!

We took a closer look at the Babylon plugin in this short review, is this synth worth buying or trying? We figured it out for you.

What is Babylon?

What is Babylon and what makes it unique? First of all, everything is on one page - which is special because often with digital synths you have many different tabs, which leads you to a different page. WA Productions has taken Babylon into account that everything must be visible in an overview. On the other hand, this does make it a bit busy, but you cannot get lost in different menus. So it has its advantages and disadvantages.

The synth contains 3 oscillators and an extensive filter. The oscillators are easy to tweak and turn on and off. In addition, there are many different preset banks, which you can really browse through for hours - with instant cool sounds. In total, more than 2,300 presets are included.

The standard sound (int) is also easy to find, so you can really make a sound from scratch. At the bottom you have 4 functions including, keyboard, matrix, modulators and a tuner. It is also great that you have a lot of waveforms (257) available, so it is an extensive piece of software.

Important functions

  • One-page synth programming
  • 257 high resolution waveforms
  • Over 2,300 preset sounds
  • Scale & Microtonal features
  • Filters & Effects
  • Multi-voice Oscillation
  • Modulation Matrix
  • FM, RM & AM modulation
  • Dedicated Vibrato LFO
  • Skins and dual-size interface
  • Full PDF Manual & Tutorial video
  • 75% UI Scale Option

Who is Babylon suitable for?

In our opinion you can find any genre in the Babylon synth, but mainly for electronic music there are nice presets included. But do you make Lo-Fi like music? Then you can do a lot with all the pad sounds. So it is really up to you as a producer which way you want to go with this plugin.

Mainscreen Babylon
Keyboard, Matrix, Modulators and Tuner
Preset folder


For the price of $69, you have a very nice synth with lots of presets. The synth works quickly and you can easily develop an idea from the ground up with this synth. All in all a very nice synth from WA Productions, with many positive reviews from the community.

Curious about the possibilities? Check the Babylon page here.

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