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3 Jul 2020

Review: Backbone resynthesizer from Steinberg

producer Backbone resynthesizer from Steinberg

Recently the German Steinberg has launched a new plugin called Backbone, you may know Steinberg from the DAW Cubase. In addition, Steinberg also develops a lot of hardware, including the popular UR series audio interfaces. A full-fledged company that has been focusing on studio gear for years, we were curious about the new plugin called Backbone and made the video and article below.

Wondering what Backbone is? Read and look further!

What is Backbone?

Backbone is a drum re-synthesizer with some very interesting functionalities. In our view, it is really an innovative plugin with the design and functions that you can expect from innovative brands in 2020. With Backbone you can easily lay out and adjust kicks, snares, hi-hats, percussion and much more to your liking. This way you can really design your own sounds in detail, and all this centrally housed in a plugin. It is easy to keep an overview, everything is clearly arranged and sorted by color.

So, as a producer or sound designer, do you want to go deep in making your own drum sounds? Then Backbone is definitely recommended. You can still make 8 layers at the same time, which is a lot. From the plugin you can directly export the sounds to clips for your DAW. In addition, you can use the plugin in all DAWs because Backbone is available as VST 3, AU and AAX.

Backbone comes with 1.5GB of sounds, which is handy so you can get started right away if your own library is small.

How does Backbone work?

On the left you have a number of layers in which you can load individual sound, each sound can be edited separately with many different functions. Above that is a trigger function, with which you can trigger all sounds within 1 click - which is important to hear the whole thing. Apart from all editing options, there is a separate effects section that allows you to add effects such as delay, reverb and distortion per sound.

The re-synth option is very cool to use and gives you a spectral of your sample with which you can play the sample 800 times faster or slower. This is very experimental and great to try. You don't have to continuously switch screens if you want to edit an individual sample, but you can edit multiple samples simultaneously within a screen.

As indicated, you can export the sounds directly to your DAW or via a drag & drop system, which works fine.

Backbone mainscreen
Backbone re-synth screen
Backbone wave view
Backbone library view

Applications of Backbone

Backbone is a must-have especially for sound designers! But also as a producer it can be very useful if you like to design your own sounds. You can go that far in tweaking sounds so that it becomes something completely new. You do not have to be a seasoned sound designer, because of the simple design, everyone can quickly and easily get started with Backbone.

Important functions

  • Very good design and stack 8 layers at the same time
  • Re-synthesize one-shots and loops
  • Direct audio export via drag & drop
  • Backbone support VST 3, AU and AAX


It is much more than an ordinary drum designer, you can endlessly experiment which is very nice as a sound designer or producer who goes deep into designing your own sounds. In addition, summarized in a very simple and clear interface - makes it a very nice plugin. We are also in favor of further personalizing your own sound and this plugin simplifies that process.

A very nice and innovative plugin from Steinberg! The plugin costs €149 and is available on this page. Just download Backbone and start experimenting, this is the best way to find out whether this plugin is suitable for you!

Do you have questions? Let us know in a comment below this article.

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