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17 Feb 2020

Review: BAE Hot Fuzz - A seriously versatile fuzz stomp box

instruments Review: BAE Hot Fuzz - A seriously versatile fuzz stomp box

BAE Audio is well known for creating high-end microphone preamp/equalizers faithful to vintage units of the seventies and before. Their latest debut into the world of guitar pedals is no exception to this. Brent, our guitar and production author had some time to learn and use the Hot Fuzz on some sessions and was blown away by the quality, sound and overall concept behind the design. 

The Hot Fuzz can be considered two pedals In one. To the left a high-frequency boost and to the right the English 1970's fuzz box. The components inside the unit are of very high quality including individually selected film, ceramic, mica, and electrolytic capacitors. 

With the juice turned down fairly low, you can carve out some lovely transparent/saturated tones from the Hot Fuzz. Increase the juice and back off the gain to attenuate the volume and you've got a serious wall of sound. Although just a fuzz box at heart, this pedal is incredibly versatile. You get a lot of value for money here! 

Used by; Slash, Dave Stewart, Mark Loughman and hand-built in the USA - this pedal is a must-try for those who love fuzz stompboxes. 

Check out our full in-depth review below to hear a range of sound examples:

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