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23 Oct 2019

Review: Captain Chords - the plugin to make chords!

producer/software Review: Captain Chords - the plugin to make chords!

Producing music but lacking knowledge about music theory? Many producers have problems with this. Not every producer can play an instrument or has had music theory lessons, which causes a lack of knowledge for things like building chords. A lot of brands take notice and try to fill the knowledge gap one way or the other. There are numerous hardware and software solutions that try to simplify the process for producers. You could always get materials and start learning music theory for yourself and for some that might be the right choice, but thanks to many large steps and interesting innovations that might not be needed.

Captain Chords is designed to create chords for an entire track using a single plugin. Mixedinkey is the company that masterminded this plugin. They are known for creating innovative solutions suited for DJ’s and producers. They created different plugins for bass-lines and melodies, Captain Chords is purely meant for creating chords.

How does it work?

You take a key that will be the basis of your chord, like C. This is your base chord, from which you can add different chords on the same scale, which means they’ll complement each other. There are a huge amount of options to create variations using this framework and to play with the timing, rhythm, length, reverb, delay and a lot more.

You can easily construct chords for your verse, pre-chorus and drop. When you’re done you drag-and-drop them to your DAW or route them directly to your software synth.

Captain Chords 3.0
Captain Chords 3.0
Captain Chords 3.0

We think it’s a very handy plugin to construct your chords and help you if you’re lacking inspiration. If you’re already familiar with music theory and have the inspiration to create chords, then we don’t think you’d need it. Want to quickly throw together a project and need some fitting chords? Be sure to check out Captain Chords and whether it fits your workflow!

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