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17 Apr 2018

Review: Deelat Acoustic Studio foam

producer Review: Deelat Acoustic Studio foam

Deelat Industial Proucts has a wide range of products. Like medical products and studio acoustic foam. At Inside Audio we were curious about the quality of these panels compared to other brands and, for example, cheap acoustic foam from Amazon.

So we thought - let's check them out! 

How to stick it to the wall?
The part that is often forgotten when ordering acoustic foam, is glue material. There are several sprays available that are specifically made for acoustic foam because there are air bubbles in it, only double-sided tape is not good enough.

In this case, we used glue to attach the panels to a piece of paper, then double-sided tape against the paper. This so that it has a better attachment and does not release after a few hours. With this method, you can also remove it without causing any damage to the wall.

The product
The quality is very good and the foam is quite firm. You notice the difference with Amazon. Later on, we will also do a test to compare with Auralex products.

We had 12 pieces, but this is not enough to improve the sound of the complete room. When you also start working with bass traps and strategically aiming to hang up the panels, the result will be better then it is now. They have a pyramid pattern with the following dimensions: 12 "x 12" x 2 ".

The panels are ideal for studios, professional studios, vocal cabs and drum booths.

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