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6 Mar 2020

Review: Eve Audio SC305 3-way studio monitors

producer Review: Eve Audio SC305 3-way studio monitors

EVE Audio was founded in 2011 in Berlin, Germany by Roland Stenz. With a past as founder of the well-known ADAM Audio that has since been taken over by the Focusrite Group, the new brand Eve Audio was born. Apparently the satisfaction of making good speakers kept itching and Roland couldn't resist starting a new brand – and with success !

A well-known feature of EVE Audio studio monitors are the Air Motion Transformer Technology which is reflected in the tweeter. You can see this technology in a handful of other brands such as HEDD Audio, more on that later!

We have the EVE Audio SC305 in the studio for review which is the smallest version in the 3-way monitor series. EVE Audio is used by artists such as W&W and many other professionals!

We delved further into the SC305 to find out if these monitors are worth trying.

Eve Audio SC305
Eve Audio SC305
Eve Audio SC305 in setup
Eve Audio SC305
Eve Audio SC305 in the Wisseloord Studios

Tweeter and woofer design and specifications

Speaker setup

The SC305 is basically a two-way monitor with an extra bass driver. The bass mid drivers can handle frequencies from 50 to 3000 Hz. The tweeter can handle frequencies from 3000kHz to 21 kHz.

Both woofers and tweeter have their own amplifier, so that the power is distributed equally.

Tweeter design

For the tweeter, the well-known Air Motion Transformer technology is used in the RS3 tweeter with a power of 50W. The Tweeter is protected by a small plate with a magnet, which you can see on the pictures below. The Air Motion Transformer technology results in a more expensive product, but also a lot more reliable in the high frequencies. This is because a technical design advantage is achieved by allowing the membrane to move freely in a magnetic field.

Woofer design

The silver color has become the standard with EVE Audio with a 1 ”or 1.5” voice coil depending on the model, with the SC305 that is 1 ”. The other woofer has a range of 50 to 3000 hertz.The woofers each deliver 50W power, so in total every speaker has a power of 150W.

Bass ports

EVE Audio is very active in the field of design, with everything that is not needed removed at the front. Includingthe bass port that you often look into. The bass port is placed at the rear with a rectangular design that is wider than normal, resulting in high sound pressure with lower bass frequencies – but without distortion.

The Grid

This is an innovation from EVE Audio that protects the tweeter. By using a magnetic plate that is easy to attach for the tweeter, you can be sure that it will not be damaged!

Simple control

Eve Audio has a unique operating system, very user-friendly. We see this normally with large studio monitor brands that use mass production. Eve Audio is still a more exclusive brand, but it is very much in order!

When you turn on the studio monitor, the volume signal slowly increases, so you don't get a thump if a lot of volume is already being sent through the speakers. This naturally protects both your ears and your monitors.

At the back of the monitors is a dip switch, with which you can set which woofer functions as a mid-bass or as a bass driver. In our case we have assigned this to the upper woofer for both speakers, which should result in a better sound. After further testing, we can conclude that this really sounds better!

Eve Audio SC305 DIP-Switch
Bass port
Eve Audio SC305 control
Eve Audio SC305 protection cap
Eve Audio SC305 tweeter without protection
Booklet with instructions
Booklet with instructions

The other settings for monitoring the studio are of course the standard volume, but also 3 filter types with which you can adjust the speaker based on the characteristics of your room.

The desk filter helps you if the monitor is on a desk, this removes certain reflections resulting in fewer unwanted vibrations and frequencies that are transmitted.

The settings are handy and user-friendly. Even after switching off, these settings remain saved! You also have the option to switch off the LEDs, should you want to do this.


You can place the Eve Audio SC305 both horizontally and vertically. We actually recommend vertical because the distance of the 2 woofers to your ears is the same, you will not get any phase cancellation problems. Do you place them horizontally? Then make sure that we have woofer in the middle near both speakers or on the outside, so symmetrically arranged (see the photo below)

In addition, it is important to adjust the settings on the speaker to your wishes and space. The adjustments you make with the button on the speaker, with which you can raise it low or high, for example, work very precisely! Much better compared to other studio monitors where, for example, a DIP switch is used.

EVE recommends a distance of at least 1 meter between the person and speakers for an optimal experience.

Sound quality

A perfect translation and crystal clear sound image with a layer, for which a subwoofer is unnecessary in a small space, that's how we would describe the Eve's 305! This is not just about a linear frequency response, but the balance between all materials that are used.

We have used the monitors in different recording sessions and the translation, power and clarity in the mid-low but also in the high frequencies is impressive. The Air Motion Transformer technology ensures that we observe things in the high frequencies that you do not hear on other monitors.


It is not a beginner’s monitor, but a very good choice as an upgrade if your current set needs replacing and you want a set of monitors with a professional sound. For a relatively small brand, EVE has built-in many beautiful functions, which makes it a very innovative monitor. The sound is impressive and definitely recommended if you mix a lot and possibly are busy mastering music.

As with any monitor, you have to get to know them, if you have had that process, the monitors you can trust for years! The stereo image and dynamics are excellent!

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