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3 Dec 2020

Review: Eventide Blackhole Pedal

reviews Review: Eventide Blackhole Pedal

Eventide have become somewhat the leader when it comes to new time-based effects. The Blackhole VST was no exception, proving incredibly popular for its sound design capabilities and ease of use. Hardware owners will be excited to know that they’ve brought the same technology from the plugin into a pedal platform and at an affordable price.

Build Quality

The Blackhole is of very sturdy construction, and is surprisingly quite heavy for such a small pedal. The body features 5 metallic knobs, two foot switches, two LED’s, four ¼ jack inputs, USB, 9V DC input, guitar/line switcher and a mono/stereo switcher. The foot switches are the type that don’t click when engaged which is great for recording in the studio but at times can take a little getting used to.


We’ve attached some sound examples of the Blackhole below, covering a wide range of source material: Orchestral chamber strings, synth bass, saw pad, grand piano and fender Rhodes. Each example starts with the dry unprocessed audio and follows with the same audio but processed through the Blackhole. Overall, the Blackhole lives up to its expectations and more.

The unique gravity control allows you to adjust the reverb tail in either normal or inverse decay. Here you can create interesting swells or suck the dry signal back into the reverb tail. 

I found myself reaching for the EQ knobs quite often as I felt this reverb could gobble up the low end, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I think this could be an incredibly powerful sound design tool for creating risers, downers, transitions and more.

The Specs

  • 5 Presets can be stored via foot switch and lots of other sounds via the Eventide Device Manager software
  • Variable room dimensions from the size of a small room to expansive space design
  • Pre-Delay control
  • Adjust the EQ with the LO and HI knobs
  • Can control the EQ with an expression pedal
  • Freeze foot switch retains the sound permanently
  • Double function foot-switch for latch and momentary operation
  • Rear guitar / line level switch for guitars, synthesisers etc.
  • MIDI capability via TRS (with a MIDI-TRS adapter cable or converter)
  • Multiple bypass options: buffered
  • USB connection
  • Power supply with a 9 V DC power adapter (included)


In summary the Blackhole truly is a reverb pedal different to any other. Even the world famous Strymon Big Sky would have difficulty creating soundscapes that the Blackhole can offer. If you’re someone who needs the physical hardware on a pedalboard or for live use then the Blackhole is a no brainer. 

If you’re after the unique sounds the Blackhole has to offer but are mainly producing, mixing and composing – we’d recommend grabbing the plugin on a black Friday discount, as it’s essentially the same thing just in digital format.

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