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14 Oct 2019

Review: Focal Alpha 65 studio monitors 'Focal quality available for everyone'

producer/hardware Review: Focal Alpha 65 studio monitors 'Focal quality available for everyone'

The French based company called Focal is known for delivering high-end audio hardware such as studio monitors and headphones which are specifically built and designed in France. The Alpha series is their budget range of accessible, high-quality active monitors consisting of the Alpha 50, Alpha 65, and Alpha 80.

The series is built for DJ's, producers, home recording artists, and delivers outstanding sound. In this review, we will have a closer look at the middle sized of the three monitors, the Focal Alpha 65.

Essential hardware features

The Focal Alpha 65 is an active studio monitor. In the front, you have a light of the Focal logo, indicating the monitor is on or off. On the back, there is an XLR balance plug and an unbalanced RCA. Additionally, a sensitivity switch for 0dB or +6 dB, turn knob settings for LF shelving and HF shelving and a power on and off switch. 

There is an aluminum inverted dome tweeter on top, in the middle is a Polyglass 6.5-inch woofer (which looks stunning) and two individual bass ports. The woofers, made from paper and fiber (Polyglass) which results in high quality and natural sound, but later we will emphasize its immense sound quality!

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The built-in sleep mode is good for some people and less good for others. After 30 minutes without receiving any signal, they go into sleep mode and turn on when receiving the message again. You can't disable this function. We had to get used to this ourselves but it worked out nicely since they are not on power all the time, this depends on how you use the speakers of course. 

The Alpha 65 has a class AB-amplifier 70 watt for the low-frequencies and 35 for the high frequencies. 

  • Low directivity: keeps the same sound throughout the room.
  • Damping and rigidity: neutrality, no distortion.
  • Tonal balance is identical at low and high volumes; low sensitivity to the wall effects.
  • Connect up to 2 audio sources.
  • Optimal acoustic integration.
  • Reduced power consumption.

Build quality

When you see and feel the monitors for the first time, you will notice that they are well built. They are slightly bigger than other comparable monitors (34.8 x 25.2 x 30.9 cm) and weigh 9.4 kilos. The sides are round and have a panel on it for protection we think the Focal Alpha 65 is primarily built from MDF with a vinyl coating and plastic on the sides and bottom. Design-wise it is just the right combination, and we love it! The Alpha 65 will look stunning in every studio.

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Sound quality

The stereo image is wide and trustworthy. The bass is clean and very deep, with evident and precise details from the tweeters and most importantly of all the audio quality is incredible. We compare the sound with some monitors such as KRK's and other big brands – but Focal is by far our favourite. It's of course not like the Twin Be series, but these stereos are in an extremely high price range.

Depending on the room size and where you will place the Focal Alpha studio monitor's you can decide whether you like the 50, 65, or 80. It depends on the size of the room. 50 is perfect for a small studio/bedroom, the 65 for a middle-sized studio, and the Alpha 80 for a bigger space. The 50 stands for 5-inch woofers, 65 for 6,5-inch woofers and 80 for 8-inch woofers.

They perform extremely well in untreated acoustic rooms, since not every bedroom producer or home recording artist has access to optimize room acoustics. They did not compromise much on price and if you're looking at the price then you can be rest assured it's a very high-quality and a clean sound. The Alpha 65 monitors have a lot of audio power in them, when turning the studio monitor controller knob you notice that the monitors react quite fast with loud audio.

These monitors are an excellent option to trust with your mixes!

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If you have some budget to spend and you're considering an upgrade from your current monitors, or even just your first pair to mix on for the next few years; the Focal Alpha 65 is a perfect choice! 

We are immensely impressed by the volume they produce and the quality of the audio. It's such a game-changer for people who work with sound at home or at a middle-sized studio. Besides all the outstanding audio quality, they look fabulous too.

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