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5 Nov 2018

Review: Hercules new DJControl Inpulse 300 'most impressive controller Hercules ever released'

djs/hardware Review: Hercules new DJControl Inpulse 300

On the 27th of September 2018, Hercules launched a bundle new controllers. We had a closer look at the DJControl Inpulse 300. Hercules also launched the Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200, a more compact controller than Hercules largest controller ever launched the Inpulse 300.

Along with the new controllers, Hercules also launched their improved version of their DJ software, DJUCED. It’s designed to introduce and teach the art of DJ’ing to beginning DJ’s. It should and is improving the journey for emerging DJ’s towards a successful hobby or career! It’s perfect to understand the basics at a low price point, with an amazing and still advanced controller.

The software includes the intelligent Music assistant feature. It’s a smart-feature that will analyze the best tracks for your mix.

The Hercules DJControl Inpulse 300 at a glance

The most important features of the new Inpulse 300.

  • Large jog wheels (5.9” /15 cm): touch-sensitive to facilitate scratching
  • 16 pads: 8 modes on each deck (Hot Cue, Roll, Slicer, Sampler, Toneplay and others)
  • Slip, Quantize, Loop in and Loop out buttons
  • Tempo/Pitch Fader
  • Gain function, three equalization levels, and a filter
  • Volume faders and crossfader
  • VU meter on each deck and a master VU meter
  • Master output for speakers and headphones output

The Inpulse 300

As mentioned the new Inpulse 300 is the most advanced and extensive controller Hercules ever launched. It has two-channels with numerous smart functionalities. We would call it an advanced controller for DJ’s that are just getting started. With functions as The Beatmatch Guide and Intelligent Music Assistant and the 16 performance pads, there are plenty of options to discover.

At this price point, you might think that it’s a simple controller, but it’s not. The design is very well done, and they gave a lot of attention to details and lights in the controller itself. There are light indicators at the fader-levels, touchpads, jog wheels and all the buttons.

The beat matching function indicates with lights if you need to speed up the track or slowdown. Which can be a great function for DJ’s that are starting, at a later stage you should get more feeling for this.

The Inpulse 300 got two touch-sensitive jog wheels that also features a slip-mode and vinyl mode. The controller has 16 quality performance pads, eight on each jog wheel. The big browse knob is right on top in the middle and indicated with a light assistance to find the right tracks for your set. Included is a solid braided USB cable to connect the controller to a computer and a nice sticker of the DJUCED Software.

Specs of the Inpulse 300

Below the most important specs of the Inpulse 300.

  • Two decks
  • built-in amplifier
  • works on DJUCED
  • main output: 2x RCA (tulip)
  • headphone output: 3.5 mm stereo
  • resolution: 24-bit / 44.1 kHz
  • Touch detection on the jog wheel
  • jog wheel diameter: 150 mm
  • Eight pads x 8 modes (including hot cue, roll, and slicer).
  • effects-elongation with:
  • Two fx rotary controls
  • dry-wet Buttons for Slip, quantify, loop in and walk out
  • browser controls: rotary switch + 2 charging buttons + assistant button
  • One filter, 3 EQ, one gain button, 1 volume fader/deck
  • crossfader, main volume, headphones
  • VU meters per deck + head VU meter
  • power supply: USB
  • included:
    • USB cable (braided)
    • DJUCED software
    • quick start guide

Our experience

Hercules developed a very lightweight controller. In our opinion, the most amazing thing about this controller is: Hercules did build a controller that is helping a specific target group extraordinary well. It’s a very affordable price for a controller with this quality and advanced functionalities.

The controller is made of plastic but does not feel cheap or easy to break. The details of all the knobs are very well developed, and the response feels correct. The controller would even fit in a large backpack. With the Vinyl mode, you can switch to scratching tracks and cueing.

The touchpads are not touching sensitive but make a click instead. So, you must press them, and you will hear and feel a small slick once it’s touched. With more expensive controllers, you would find often touch sensitive pads, but it’s not a necessary thing.

There are some excellent FX features which also includes a separated dry/wet button. Also, Hot Cue, Roll, Sliver, Sampler, Synch, Vinyl, Slip, filter, low, mid, high and gain button.

We are amazed by the new Intelligent Music Assistant feature. It enables you to give real-time suggestions to the current song you are playing which results in new mixing ideas. It’s based on other songs that are currently in your list in the DJUCED software. The DJUCED software also shows popular songs around the world and lists songs based on the energy level, this is also linked to the main knob in the browser area.

All in all, it’s a very interesting controller for an interesting price. There so many possibilities, functions and new unique features on this controller. We would say this is the perfect controller if you want to get into advanced djing. This is something that matches the vision of Hercules, beginning the perfect brand for DJ’s that are starting out. The Beat Match Guide and Assistance features are definitely something next-level that only a few controllers have at this price-point.

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