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18 May 2020

Review: How to make Lo-Fi Music? With Baby Audio - Super VHS!

producer Review: How to make Lo-Fi Music? With Baby Audio - Super VHS!

In today's age of digital recording, we're constantly harking back to the vintage sounds of analog vibe and flavour. Lush wide chorusing effects, fat and saturated fills and long lasting reverb halls are all at hands reach inside Baby Audio's Super VHS.

Lo-Fi plugins have become somewhat of a trend recently. We appear to be circling back to the 80's, with albums such as Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa, and After Hours by The Weeknd topping the charts. It seems like everybody and their cousin has a plugin company nowadays, so making something stand out from the crowd is challenging. Baby Audio's Super VHS delivers on that front, by combining multiple classic effects into one easy to use platform. 

Want to know why Super VHS by BabyAudio works so well? Check our video below!

Our Top 3 Favourite Things about the Super VHS

  • Very affordable. At just $49 you'll struggle to find anything cheaper without a compromising feature set.
  • Simple and user friendly. The Super VHS just works, you can be creative from the get-go.
  • Bang for buck. Not in terms of price, but features. This is like 5 different effects in one!

The main controls, as described by Baby Audio

  • STATIC — Static noise generated by an internal synthesizer
  • HEAT — ‘Analog tape’ saturator inspired by consumer-grade tape machines
  • SHAPE — Sample rate reducer inspired by 1980s 8-bit samplers
  • MAGIC — Widening FX inspired by the Juno chorus, but darker and deeper
  • DRIFT — Pitch fluctuation LFO for unpredictable time and pitch shifting
  • WASH — ‘Bad hall’ reverb inspired by budget friendly 1980s rack units

Some might say that the functionality of the Super VHS is limiting, but I wouldn't agree. The simplicity of the design means you can start creating and forget about over complicated features. Although the wash knob doesn't have control over the length decay or size, it still respectively pays homage to cheap 80's reverb processors. The drift knob is an LFO that determines time and pitch based adjustments. If you're looking for wobbly chord progressions and wavering lead lines, playing with the drift ought to bring a smile to your face.

Static allows you to generate noise from an internal synth engine, offering some authentic VCR hiss and hum, which is driven by a noise oscillator and a digital saw wave. The shape slider works as a down sampler and bit crusher in one. Moving the slider through the 10 step scale massively changes the incoming signal, this one is not subtle!

Check Super VHS

Lastly is a dry/wet mix slider which controls the overall affect of all the combined parameters, as well as an output attenuation control. 

In conclusion, we think the Super VHS is a great all round 80's inspiration machine. It's multi tailored interface makes it a great cost effective way to break into the world of lofi music.

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