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30 Jul 2020

Review: ICON Qcon Pro G2 USB MIDI Controller station

producer ICON Qcon Pro G2 USB MIDI Controller station

ICON's MIDI controller launched in 2018 is still very popular, but why? Because producers increasingly work in-the-box, so only with a computer as a complete workstation, we sometimes miss the experience of a real mixing console. A console like an SLL is of course not affordable for semi-professional producers, which is why ICON cleverly responds to this with an advanced affordable DAW controller.

For the producer who wants a little more, you have a MIDI controller like the ICON Qcon Pro G2, for a hardware experience in combination with your DAW. Mixing with your ears and not with your eyes, that is the advantage of a mixing console.

The G2 is the new version of the Qcon Pro. The Qcon Pro G2 features high-quality touch-senstive motorized faders. An LCD screen, LED volume meters and much more!

DAW Zoom and scroll controls

The Qcon Pro G2

The Qcon Pro G2 is a MIDI controller with a focus to turn the mixer section in your DAW into a hardware experience. The controller has 8 faders, between which you can easily scroll further to other sections. The controller is Mackie Control and HUI supported so you can directly integrate with most DAWs.

With this controller you can record volume, EQs, effects, and scroll through your project in a flash. To scroll through your project you have a large rotary knob and a number of separate buttons, this is very nice to quickly zoom in or out.

9 motorized faders, 8 push buttons, 78 other buttons, a jog shuttle wheel, 2 foot pedals, connection options, 12 LED meters and an LCD screen on which you can monitor all information - all built into this controller.

Less mouse - more controller

The vision of a MIDI controller like the Pro G2 is of course to use your mouse and keyboard less and give you a real mixing experience. This vision is very nice and successful for many producers, but you should keep in mind that it can be very accustomed to leave your mouse because you are used to it.

In functionalities and workflow, the Pro G2 offers a super nice experience and solution, are you open to change and do you want to focus more on your ears instead of looking at your screen when making and mixing music? Then you can leave the mouse and get started with the Qcom Pro G2.

For which DAW?

With which DAWs can you use this controller? Those are Cubase / Nuendo, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, ProTools, Studio One, Digital Performer, FL Studio, Samplitude, Reaper, Bitwig, Reason, Sonar, and Audition.

You have a separate picture for each DAW that you can place on the controller, so that it is tailored to your DAW - see the last photo below for an example. These pictures are available separately per DAW for about € 25, which is useful if you buy this immediately upon purchase.

If you still want to adjust certain functionality yourself? Then it is very easy with custom presets and MIDI mapping.


What ICON has done very well in our view is offering extensions. No studio is the same, which is why flexibility is essential. The Qcon EX G2 is a separate controller with only the fader section, which you place next to the Qcon Pro G2 for expansion in the number of faders. With this you can create an 8, 16 or 24 or 32 channel configuration.

DAW zoom controls
The QCon Pro G2
Assignment functions
Separate DAW panels available for more DAW's

Build quality

The build quality is above expectations! The complete housing is made of metal, the knobs and faders feel professional. So it is really a controller that can take a beating, while the size is very large.

In my opinion, for a good workflow, where the Qcon Pro G2 is supported, you have to have the controller right in front of you, otherwise it is too difficult to control. For this you need a lot of space on your desk, because the controller is built quite large - keep this in mind when purchasing. The top has an edge, so that it can easily be built into a desk, this is the best solution.

All in all, a build quality above expectations!

iMap Software

Icon supplies the iMap software with the controller, this serves as a quick link to change the functions of buttons. Icon is aware of the fact that if a controller does not work simply and simply, it is not used. So it is very easy to adjust functions to your liking.


Icon has managed to create a beautiful piece of solution-oriented hardware with the Qcon Pro G2. As a producer, often leave the mouse to the left and really mix with your ears and physical faders. Making it available for various DAWs with templates is really an added value and the plug & play experience is in order. However, you have to buy these pictures separately, pay attention to this when purchasing.

The instructions in the box are very simple to follow for each DAW, we were up and running within 3 minutes with Logic Pro X. Response of the faders is very fast, for example if you make an automation you will see this in a fast response to the faders.

All in all a very well developed solution from Qcon!

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