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2 Aug 2019

Review: JOYO Aquarius Loopstation and Delay

instruments/stringinstruments Review: JOYO Aquarius Loopstation and Delay

JOYO is a hi-tech company based in China and focuses on the production of digital music-oriented tools. From effect pedals, amplifiers, equalizers, wireless systems and more. JOYO contributes to the market with affordable technology.

The JOYO Aquarius

The Joyo Aquarius is a multi-mode digital delay and loop pedal. It has different types of delay available and has room to record and loop up to 5 minutes, but what makes the Aquarius unique is the ability to use the loop and delay simultaneously.

Different functions of the JOYO Aquarius

The Aquarius takes a unique combination of different functions in one device. Different types of delays, echoes and the possibility to record up to 5 minutes of material.

Available effects:

  • Digital
  • Analog
  • Tape Echo
  • Tube Echo
  • Reverse
  • Low Bit
  • Galaxy
  • Mod

You can change the effects by taste with these controls:

  • Level / Volume
  • Time / Tone
  • Feedback / Tape
  • Looper knop

With the looper button, you immediately select the looper functionality. If you only want to use the looper you will have to set the position with the dial to LOOPER. With the light indicator, you can see if you are recording, playing something or if it is switched off. As you can see there is no possibility for multiple recordings. One recording can be made that can always be activated, deleted or overwritten.


Without a USB connection or MIDI, it makes it less practical to save recorded material or to prepare a whole set with possible samples. The available functionality is again unique in this price category. If we look at the next one to be able to register multiple recordings, it is the Nux Loop Core (€111), but this one will miss the effects function again. Then you will need another pedal or your amp must have it installed. If we want to have this unique combi again with storage option, we will come to a Mooer Ocean Machine (€211). If 1 recording is fine for you and would like some extra delay, this could be a good choice.


  • Pros

    Unique in its price category, easy to use, can add a lot to your set or help with practicing, nice delay

  • Cons

    No USB, MIDI or memory for multiple recordings

  • Price


  • Website

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