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23 Jul 2019

Review: JOYO Vision Dual Modulation

instruments/stringinstruments Review: JOYO Vision Dual Modulation

JOYO is a hi-tech company based in China and focuses on the production of digital music-oriented tools. From effect pedals, amplifiers, equalizers, wireless systems and more. JOYO contributes to the market with affordable technology.

The JOYO Vision Dual Modulation

The Joyo Vision is a 2-channel modulation pedal. This means that the signal from, in this case, the guitar goes through 1 or 2 channels that apply effects before it finally comes out of the speaker. This allows you to come up with the craziest effects combinations.

Different functions of the JOYO Vision Dual Modulation

The Vision has different controllers for both channels. Channels A and B are named on the device. Everyone has their own switch-on button, depth and mix, speed/quantity and a control dial. There is a switch in the center of the pedal. This ensures a series or parallel signal processing.

Do you want to have the signal mixed as if you switched on 2 pedals in succession? Then select "A -> B -> Output" mode.

If you would like to have the signal processed parallel to each other then select "AB -> Output" mode. This way you can have tremolo and flanger without affecting each other.

Effects available on channel A:

  • MOD-PH (Phaser)
  • CHO (Chorus)
  • ST-PH (Phaser)
  • FLG (Flanger)
  • ROT
  • TREM (Tremolo)
  • LOO-PH (Phaser)
  • TRI-CH (Chorus)

Effects available on channel B:

  • SM-CH (Chorus)
  • AT-WAH (Automated Wah-Wah)
  • ANGL-FL (Flanger)
  • OCTA
  • STUT

Note that the effects from channel A can be combined with channel B. This way we have a nice arsenal of effects in this compact box.


The Vision gives a lot of freedom and can be a good addition to your collection. The option for switching between series and parallel connected effects is unique in this price range. The only thing missing is a USB port and memory to switch quickly and accurately between pre-sets. The Vision does not have any pre-sets from the box either. A HoTone Binary Mod does have this functionality but is also more expensive. If you do not need pre-sets, then the Vision is a great modular effects pedal.


  • Pros

    Series or parallel switching of different effects, simple operation, stereo effects

  • Cons

    No pre-sets. No midi or USB connection

  • Price


  • Website

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