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12 Feb 2020

Review: Mooer GE300 - Read this before you buy

producer Review: Mooer GE300 - Read this before you buy

At NAMM 2019 Mooer released their flagship pedal, the GE300. Mooer has since announced the GE250 and GE300 lite at NAMM 2020.

Brent, our guitar and production author demonstrated some custom patches, feature sets and explored the overall capabilities of the GE300 in our in-depth review below:

The GE300 is a serious piece of kit, which offers a plethora of uncompromising tonal choices. Supported by a straightforward layout that's easy to grasp, makes it a must-have for touring, studio recording and even practicing.

GE300 main features:

  • Tri voice polyphonic synth engine (no midi pickup required)
  • Amp modeling (108 amp models, 43 IR)
  • Stomp box effects (164 high-quality effects)
  • Tone capture (for sampling guitars, amps, cabinets, and even stompboxes)
  • Tuner presented on a large LCD display 
  • 30-minutes looper 
  • Large set of I/O including an FX loop
  • USB software for dee parameter modification

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