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18 Jun 2019

Review: Saramomic UwMic9 with the RX9 and HU9 ‘the affordable wireless interview microphone’

reviews Review: Saramomic UwMic9 with the RX9 and HU9 ‘perfect and affordable interview microphone’

After looking for a while for good wireless and affordable microphone system to use during events, we ended up with the relatively new brand in Europe named Saramonic. Of course, there are other systems and brands on the market, such as the well-known sets from Sennheiser, but those are in a different price class.

This set costs around $270 and got everything you need to assemble it on your DSLR camera and hit record!

But is it worth the money and more useful than a more expensive wireless microphone system? We looked into it!

In the box

The set consists of two individual products, the handheld microphone and the receiver that receives the audio signal. This also comes within two individual boxes. The UwMic9 handheld wireless microphone is straight forward and has the microphone and a booklet with all the instructions.

The receiver has some more accessories such as a clip and a hot shoe mount which makes it possible to assemble the receiver to a DSLR camera. There are also the necessary cables included like a mini-jack for the receiver to connect with a camera to a mini-jack XLR for a different type of recorder. 

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For what can you use this set?

This set can be used for many occasions. It’s a portable set with 2-channels that can be easily mounted on top of any DSLR camera. It has excellent capabilities that can be compared to more expensive sets from around double the price.

This makes it this set perfect as a first wireless microphone system when you want to save some money but still need a reliable and good audio system. It’s ideal for interviews, vlogs, YouTube videos, dialog, and other news gathering audio capture.

So, as a first set that is affordable for any digital video applications where you like to use a wireless microphone set – this is perfect!

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Build quality

We know, it’s a cheaper microphone set than other types of microphone sets that easily cost twice the price, but does this mean the build quality is terrible? No. Some parts feel cheaper than an expensive microphone set, but the receiver has a full-metal-case which makes it feels excellent. So also, is the microphone, it feels solid in your hands and nothing wrong with the build quality here!

The batteries are easy to place and change when needed. The interface of the receiver works very well. We did not need to read the manual to understand everything! On both products is a small LCD-display located, which indicated the battery level and input volume, which is very helpful! 

We are amazed by how well this is set is built from solid materials and smooth interface considering the price.

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Audio quality

The microphone has a cardioid polar pattern which makes sure to only pick up the important audio from you or the person your interviewing. We had some problems, in the beginning, to get the settings right, but after some more testing it all worked out.

The audio sounds good and is perfect for any online video’s that you like to upload! It replicates a full and warm character with no problem in any noisy or quiet setting! But be aware that wireless systems are less stable then a cable system, the camera person or audio person should always monitor the audio to be sure it’s clean and stable!

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Below are some facts listed for you, so you get a fast and clear overview of what this set is capable of.

  • Ready to use with everything that comes with it in the box
  • 514-596 MHz range 
  • Automatic frequency scan for the best frequencies
  • All clips and cables included to attach it to your DSLR camera
  • Real-time monitoring with dedicated jack output
  • Infrared synchronization to connect instantly
  • Solid build-quality mainly from metal
  • Up to 100meters distance
  • LCD screens on both products
  • Cardioid pickup pattern rejects unwanted sounds from sides and rear
  • Only 12ms voice delay


Of course, there are some compromised to make in the audio quality and build quality compared to other microphone sets. But when you look at the price and the pricing from different comparable microphone sets, Saramonic did a fantastic job in maintaining the quality for an affordable price!

This bundle makes wireless microphone so accessible to the new aspiring creator community that doesn’t have a big budget. This set is more than perfect for your beginner and mid-professional needs. If you use this type of products daily, then we advise in to invest a bit more in the higher-priced products

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