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19 Apr 2019

Review: Sonarworks Reference 4 for next level monitoring!

producer/hardware Review: Sonarworks Reference 4 review

Sonarworks started in 2012 and bundled their knowledge to transform the sound of your current headphones and studio monitors. The idea is simple but behind the scenes more advanced… Every room is different but the studio monitors or headphones stay the same, but how can they sound good if the room size and other factors are so different?

To fix that problem, Sonarworks developed calibration software and hardware to remove unwanted sound and create an accurate studio reference.

Sonarworks created this for the two main monitoring solutions:

Reference 4 studio monitors

Very interesting to calibrate your studio monitors with the Sonarworks Reference 4 edition including a measurement microphone. With the advanced software, it will make calibration of your room, positioning of the speakers and other factors. In 10 minutes, you have a calibrated profile based on your room and speakers. The software will make adjustments where needed that will be reflected in your studio monitors, you can also customize a few settings.

Reference 4 studio headphones

With studio headphones, you only need the software and use one of the 200 presets based on all kind of headphone models. Look up if Sonarworks has a preset for your headphone and you can start right away with the software – no measurement microphone needed!

Sonarworks can be used with a DAW Plugin or standalone application. If you want to switch profiles, for instance, you switch to a headphone or another pair of monitors – you can just select another calibration profile, very easy to switch!

Why is Sonarworks Reference 4 a must have?

When mixing and mastering and even just producing music, your ears are your eyes! You must be sure in what you hear to make the right adjustments. With Sonarworks you’re on top of the details and you have to spend less time double checking.

Being 100% sure of what you are hearing will result in a better workflow and better details in your music. A lot of professionals in the music industry swear by Sonarworks and use it in their studio! Go test a trial version for yourself and experience the hype.

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